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Meet me in Burlesqington

There is never a day off when you are a Raymi but you can mix business and pleasure with leisure easily if you turn your life into Mr. Dress-up’s yeah?

Jasmine Valentine and I discussed our two upcoming burlesque bonanzas at Chap’s on the patio with an impressive water fountain on it. I had a Reuben Burger, half. It was ridiculous and had a thousand toppings on a pretzel bun. I’m losing weight like crazy lately from stress and work around the clock so I can eat disgusting garbage again.

Look at my hair it’s so fluffy and soft I love my salon thank you Brennen and the gang!

Those are my yenta glasses, some drunk forgot them at the central. MINE. I forgot to put earrings on, remember when I didn’t have my ears pierced less than a year ago? Teacher is buying me earrings for my 90’s outfit and I hope he finds suspenders so I can go full ska. We came straight here from my meeting with the Harth boys and he forgot to throw my mascara in, who knows where I left that thing. I have no eyes and I am going to a reunion, it is necessary.

Teacher’s breakfast.

Mine. pastrami jalapenos swiss the burger was frozen, you know the weird hotel room service butter flower shapes? Service was forever and I only had a spoonful of the soup. Drank a very salty caesar. You have a good caesar someplace then get duped into thinking they’re good everywhere, well, they aren’t.

Thousand island dressing. I figured it would taste like mcdonald’s. It was delicious. Our waitress was probably a stripper, her accent was insane and her hair was total princess artificial in a side pony. Nice patio weather.

V blurry but check the sherlock holmes outfit. I want to be sponsored by stag shop and wear every SINGLE COSTUME!

It’s very Britney in her toxic video.


Ha ha. Membership has its privileges.

No one will be boarding our flight before getting through us first for the OCTOBER 26 OFFICIAL UNOFFICIAL ANDROID TO AFTERPARTY. IT’S GOING TO BE A VEGAS CONVENTION STYLE S-T SHOW – WHEN GEEKS GO WILD. Ok I’ll stop yelling now. NO I WON’T WE ARE FLYING ANDY MILONAKIS IN AND HE WILL BE PARTYING WITH US ALL NIGHT LONG. WE’RE GETTING A WRESTLING RING. Jasmine Valentine and I will be your party hosts flirting up air storms with ya all night long so bring some saucy gals. What happens at HARTH FEST STAYS AT HARTH FEST. I’ll have a pre-ticket purchase link for you soon. Cheaper in advance. This party is going to be off le chizzle at 99 Sudbury, doors at 7. Nothin’ like doin’ tha Humpty Dance on a Hump Day (that’s a Wednesday, brutha).

There will be interactive stalls, kegs, KEGS! FOOD GALORE TREATS DANCE PARTY AND ANDY MILONAKIS MAKING FUN OF US OMG HE IS FUNNY AND COOL AS HELL HE LAST WORKED WITH SNOOP! I am pinching myself. Also three days later on the Saturday of HALLOWEEKEND is our Burlesque party at THE BOVINE. BAM!

Each party guest will be checked in by air officer Raymi the Minx or Jasmine Valentine. It will be an interactive happening you will be thrust into straight off the bat. Maybe I will fake an accent like the orbit gum girl. Too bad jasmine is classier than me and won’t engage in stuff like those wrestling scottish brothers do for WWF. We’re going to be ring girls though. What should our signs say?

Ok one last look now it’s choice B.

More cleave, little pricier, and I’d rather have a relationship with stag shop and have them at the party handing out lube and condoms.

These are sluttier but we love the neck kerchief thing and they give us more cleavage. Hard to tell for me cos I have my t-shirt beneath it. Ha check the mirror reflection behind me, lots of bum bum.

The hats are fun. Gah so hard to decide please help!

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Ah doye.


I saw teacher roll his eyes through the eye holes of this mask and then started fighting with him with this mask on ahahahahhaaaahaha.

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