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We only said goodbye with words i died a hundred times

Haha how Justin Bieber of me.

That grey shirt is from Zellers if you can believe it.

This guy in libville forced us to let him take our picture then got annoyed at us for my phone taking so long to load, he offered, I was perfectly fine posing solo in front of this taken by paddy. He took a great shot to be honest so, it all worked out in the end.

My mom said she lost ten pounds at the fat camp. Can’t wait to see her and Lois!

I’m down to 120. Not even by trying either.

I love Liberty Village.

I didn’t realize clem had one of those sports cars everybody stares at, like the top ten douchey fancy cars you’d see in libville, it has the four rings, an audi? I dunno but everyone was staring and I liked it. They should market a platinum side hair clip for sports car passengers, oh wait they do, they’re called weaves.

Clem was playing hooky and a total enabler like me, paddy showed to drop off my nail polish (FINALLY OMFG!) and then it turned into a beach mission. Stella the dog had the best time ever and has been my loyal devoted shadow follower ever since. She gets in phases where I am a Greek Goddess and it’s pretty cute. I love winning.

At Lisa’s Friday night pre-drinks before the Silver Dollar. Dan Burke (promoter one-man legit toronto music scene institution) was mesmerized by my face but couldn’t place it, I’m a ghost from the past and my hair isn’t black anymore.

Who knew my earrings could be weapons, they’re cubes, sharp also positioned pointing outward all pointy.

When James hugged me goodbye (a serious hug!) he cut his flippin’ face on my right earring. Hardcore carnage!

A dark n stormy (lime dark rum and ginger beer).

These moments will get you through winter.

Aw look at Stella she is like what are you doing to meee? She made a new friend in Lenny. Maybe we can walk her to Clem’s one day and party on his deck for a change?

These are the crispy calamari I ate the other day, see how much I got them crisped. I’ll be back at the caddy within 48 hours now thanks to this photo.

I can’t believe we all fit in that thing. Princess always rides shotgun. You should see me in the front seat of a cab ordering the driver around like my husband ahahaha it’s hilarious. Omg try having a ride with Melodie and I we are horrible, horrible! I love it! Hope she’s having a good time in Montreal.

New fav band is NEW GHOST. Maybe we’ll do a burlesque showcase together, yeah? I love shows at Silver Dollar.

Bumped into Courtney up Ossington just as hung as we were, she was in search of bread. Fun!

Sorry for the cat hair but this was an essential part of yesterday. If I were a dude I’d hit metro on my way to work at least once a week and buy this. Teach ate the majority of it.


I think I have a shirt by these artists.


Ate at The Bellevue, this is the avocado frisee. Delicious. Tasted like a stuffed potato, but without the potato and with avocado instead. Perfs for the skinny dieters out there.

Must learn and master this diana F+ by tomorrow’s tiff party. Heidi help me load it!

I went for slob chic yesterday omg I just remembered there’s loads more cute pics of me on teacher’s phone arrrg.

I tried to get the Lakeview to do a fry-less poutine for me once and it flopped, the hot gravy on the lettuce brought out too much earthy essence from the leaves, ugh. Green beans work though! Thanks Bellevue, totally going to do this at home. Add mushroom too.

teach said this one long curly woody allen haired guy kept looking at us like we were “Somebody” or maybe it was because we were fighting? hahahaa.

See? I win.

I didn’t have time to dry my hair post-wash on Friday so I had funny hair all weekend long.


8 thoughts on “We only said goodbye with words i died a hundred times

  1. Do you want to see Lois & I on Thursday?

    I saw a Tony Bennett documentary the other day and he said something that went right through to my core.
    He had taped a beautiful duet with Amy Winehouse just before her death.
    He knew at the time she was struggling still with withdrawing from drugs and alchol.

    At the time of her death, he had one regret
    His regret was that he hadn’t told her the one line he learned when he was struggling with the same addictive illness.

    One day, while he was struggling, a friend said to him,
    “Your addictions are a sin against your talent”

    A sin against your talent

    Those words rang true with him, he cleaned up his act from that day forward.

  2. I think its a lesson learned for anyone whos struggling with too much indulgence

    its a sin to thier craft, to their family, to life,to thier talent

    September 15th I think

  3. you know what i’m going to miss about summer? Yellow polka-dot bikini’s…..oh and the warmth….and the patio’s….. and my tan….. and the ability to not wear pants….well honestly just about every fucking thing.

    What’s Shakin miss Minx?


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