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i’m crazy but you like it loca loca loca

If you go out in the woods today
You’re sure of a big surprise.
If you go out in the woods today
You’d better go in disguise.

How creepy would it be if I did a dance to that nursery rhyme for Devil’s Night? Hot scary eerie. I should dance for Rob Zombie. We made eye contact all concert long when I sat in the third row for OZZY (with him too!)
aw the rest of that song is ridiculous.

Grabbed a sunshiney nook at Milagro. Tweet flirted with them the entire time. The owner sent us shots of Tromba over with special homebrew chasers made by the owner of Tromba. They really took care of us. Love that resto, always have.

See? How could you not be pumped by this little sprite in your establishment. Know that we are entering into an exciting eating pact adventure together when I sit down and the twitpic games begin. Ariba! I adore great service.

Dropped in on my friends Magic Pony to buy a shirt cos it was so hot out in my fitness jackety thing. Learned there’d be an art partay later and said I’d be back, Kristin didn’t buy it but I sure fooled her. Noel send me those pictures please (our phones died by this time and by phones I mean cameras haha) Hi Anez!

Wuhoo thanks Lomo and thanks for also rhyming with one of my favourite words too!

Poutine from the caddy. I didn’t notice how graphic this photo was when I tweeted it and everyone lost their minds, one reader working for the company that supplies this organic grass fed stuff from PEI. TMI all around Jesus. Had the crispy calamari before that I got them to crisp the hell out of my order, they did and now I have a new favourite in town. Go try it too. I ate every single one.

Then my ears were burning and look who should show up. Mitzi’s was closed (building permit?) and parts n labour, dead. Yeah right I bet he was stalking my twitter feed ha ha.

Back to Milagro. We feasted.

Cupping the last of my taco.

Messy princess.

The cheapest shirt on Queen W you could find in the knick of time. $7.50. XS.

Then we had these steak ones cos we weren’t finished. I can’t remember what they’re called. Hoovered instantly. Also had the guac and chips plus the baja slaw.

Teeny weeny margaritas up-sold to milagro from cuervo, the other ones were too rich for my blood. I was paying. Trying to save right now.

The chaser is: cilantro, lime, jalapeno, pineapple and other stuff I forget. So refreshing. Genius. I could sit there all day taking shots and chasing them. I’ll save that for my Johnny Depp in Mexico phase in life. Andalé!

Classy bottle.

On to the party. I chose the rosco cos it’s a midlake song and I am a dork like that.


The Lomo store is amazeballs.

After all those margaritas I had to wee. Meh.

My favourite Singaporean blogger Xiaxue did this to her camera years ago. She calls crystals/diamonds: diamantes. I love her dialect.

This one was pretty good.

This one launched me into many nostalgic tender northern summertime moments.

I grazed on these greens.

One of the artists, Jason Nip. Sharp dude. Loved his camera pretty much the most, I said it reminded me of Lord of the Rings/the Shire.

His Lomo. Darling, right?

Taking advantage of the lighting. Haha that reminded me of trips to camera stores with exes, standing still pretending I’m unaware of fifty camera geeks photographing me. The hair on your neck pricks up.

They had a band too, drank tickets. Well done party, kids.

My Diana F+ Lomo Camera looks like that cake, which I didn’t realize was a cake and thus handled all over for a few seconds. It’s all marzipan. Which took me a minute to figure out by reeling cake wars episodes through my head.

I really liked her classic desperation ocad student facial expression. Plus her camera rules.

Doot dee doo.

I’m pumped. I already have mastered mystery camera. Heidi has one of these and we’re seeing her tonight. Free lesson!

Saw a chick I see around town all the time but never remember the name of (total artist, in a billion bands) walking out with one of these and stopped her. Bands and film cameras are kind of like a rule right? Thanks Cory Kennedy! No, seriously. Also there were two young boys walking around proudly with their lomo cameras, I was obsessed with wonder about their parents, enforcing film on their youths in a digital world. I bet they are hipsters.

Taking this with me to the beach today.

I take a picture in this spot every year at this time of year. The sun is seasoned, the tail end of summer. That dog ruled.

Really liked this one too.

A holga camera.

Another Holga camera.

My hair is in a state. I was planning to go for a run then go home and then decided to just go as is. I am not a poseur.

Oh hi. Nice boots.

Kay bye!

Espresso long shots at Second Cup and I discovered a match made in heaven.

Louboutins! Thanks Alison!

Air show party. Lotsa people came over it was a bad hangover day for me TBH following our burlesque performance the night before but awesome to roll right back into the party vortex, I had the giggles all day and found myself to be most hilarious. I got to tell Sarah (my bestie from playshcool bro!) the knock-knock joke I had been waiting my entire LIFE to tell her, specifically. No one expected it, their mouths were like this: ‘O’ when I delivered the punch line. It goes Knock knock, who’s there? Sarah! Sarah Who? Sarah chair around here I’m getting tired of standing. She was standing at the time too and I was pulling a chair out. I told you it was a great party!

Those were my grandmother’s binoculars. I spied on the apartment buildings across the way and now I want a telescope. I have a lot more photos from this I’ll blog later. TOO MANY THINGS!

Bahaha wasted still. I was lying in bed going, seriously, this is happening? It’s happening. It’s happening right? They’re coming? My dad was talking about the weather foreceast cancelling the show and I thought that might actually happen lying there with my hangover.

I am shrinking.

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  1. Oban’s fav joke:
    Knock-knock who’s there
    Gramma who
    Gramma glasses would ya, I can’t see a thing

    …pretend you’re 3.

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