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I wish they all could be

California girls from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

This wasn’t supposed to be a number (therefore freestyle so don’t criticize you jerks) not that it matters at this point in the night as long as you flash those Vanna Whites, dress like Baywatch and slap some summah on it. The internet is alright and all but, nothing beats performing live and staring out at a crowd beaming up at ya. Many amazing moments last night. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in realizing my vision I told ya so! I told you!! Look for us on DEVIL’S NIGHT! Ps. lighting guy next time, spot light.

Yo I’m here for the rave.

Had to. Couldn’t help it. I’ve always wanted to be an Ewok. ’83 we were born the same year, damn straight. Bet I could tap into the furry LARP, cosplay market like that.

Hadn’t washed my hair since Brennen, which made it look phenom when I finally did. Stretch that salon visit out my sisters. I get to about, every 5 weeks or so, 6? Also, Brennen said I can’t have S-E-X lying on my back anymore in order to salvage my little babies growing back there. I was like kay sure whatever as we habitually speak to each other like psychotic pigs and all but he was serious. I got a bit sheepish like uh, I don’t? HAhahaha. My hair stylist is internationally known, hotter than hell (dates models exclusively like, tens, no, twelves) and loves trashy girls, trashy classy, taking rough diamonds (yours truly) and polishing them up. No problem! One day when we get the time to do a proper raymitorial I’ll fill you in on all (TOO MANY) of Brennen Demelo’s accolades. People like him should blog. They have something to show. KnowhatI’msayin’?

Also not wearing makeup. D day of burlesque show.

I’m all blabbity blah I’m raymi uber-famous and so on, give me a discount and I will buy this now, not next time. Then she pulls out the bear thing and it was donezo. I refrained from asking if she had an alternative side career path. Oh and yeah, you betcha maje discount THANKS STAG SHOP of Burlington!

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