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Bovine Burlesque

thanks gavin for the shots!

This song is in my head.

Last night was so bloody awesome. Doing it again. and again. Next time I will remember that my garters are still attached to my stockings. I also couldn’t get my frigging gloves on. Thank you for coming out if you did. We packed the house, such a success. I am floating. Oh Seska showed up and danced it was amazing, she did The orig Cruel Summer. Perfect. Can’t get it out of my head now. We did extra numbers because they wanted more so I did California Girls (Beach Boys) in my lifeguard outfit hah but more details later I have one more entertaining engagement to attend to. Happy Labour Day folks. Should I wear my white shorts tomorrow just so I can get in a fight with someone?


7 thoughts on “Bovine Burlesque

  1. still floating on the success clouds :) thanks thanks thanks bow bow bow pat yourselves on the back too if you have time, we made a happening for sure. party of the night.

  2. Thanks for having me do my little impromptu thing and sharing some sticker pasties with me. You gals did great and the crowd/club had a great vibe. I loved that the bartender was also the MC. That was really nifty.

  3. love you seska. sing your praises always. you should be in town for the conference and be my wing girl when i get lambasted for my bawdy ways ;)

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