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just some ting tangs

my hello kitty bracelet from q city.

13 thoughts on “just some ting tangs

  1. Those nails Look good. And might I add that your body is bangin… as a friend! Serious, nice abs. Results and maintaining. Pat yerself on the back, and on the tummy.

    I like you for who you are on the inside too. x

  2. p.s. I ran down redrock mountain today

    the guide told Lois she didn’t have to do it if she didn’t want to

    Her eyes went wide and she said


  3. 6:00 hike at Hell Hole Mountain
    Healthy postures at 9:00
    treadmill class
    pool aerobics

    on your facebook wall

    Lois just snuck and apple and orange to our room which is a complete nono

    she has been the rebel

  4. I’m sure once you’ve been in reciept of just a couple of my brain droppings you’ll very quickly want to distance yourself from me and my sour little view on reality.

    I’m already realising spell checker is going to get rinsed (when I can be arsed actually spell checking) and some of the pics on my phone are going to be up’d (of course I was NOWHERE near the subject matter and the contents is to be taken with enough salt to kill legions of snails) – this is going to be effort but ‘fall’ in the lakes should make for some interesting finds – if it occurs to me to take a pictures.

  5. Yea, I’m eager to get something posted before I go away – won’t be stopping much while I’m away as it’s a biking holiday with some serious riders & fitness freaks.

    It’s good to pretend like you don’t smoke and sit on your ass all day. Only problem is the very real danger of actually fucking myself up real bad or slipping off a cliff or mountain or something.. at speed – but not to worry. I’m packed like a pharmacist as per usual.

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