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Jour de bosse

pumped up kicks from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

You have to wait out a lot of stupid dancing to get to the stripping part. WORTH IT.


going through more shots from the mayor/dan aykroyd night. haha.

This minx job is amazing, a laster for sure. You can see them Sunday. Alas, the high maintenance work is never done. Today it’s roots day, I have many hours in the salon chair ahead of me. As well it is hump day. Jour de bosse! Make it a good one buddies.

17 thoughts on “Jour de bosse

  1. did you get that dress in montreal? it really suits you. i tried to find that sweater at old navy because i like it so much. no luck. perhaps they sell something similar at h&m.

  2. i think damdam is just saying you look awesome. you do it’s true.

    i wish i could learn to dance like you do in this vid i guess it takes years of dance lessons. i would love to do a raymi dancing tutorial. i’d pay for that!

  3. i would like to lick the raymi barbecued patio barbie i find it exciting is this site a catolog for something mybe you can teach lebonese people to dance for money honey jungle wel lcome to the jungol nice pre klan meeting danc moves

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