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i c raymi at the cne

This video ends in a rather, real way. Pfft thanks. It was a great time, perfect weather and all around awesome day with the family, the memories will def be helping me get through winter.

I did it all in wedges too. Feet were sore during the end a little bit but not too badly, teacher recco’d I wear them. Except some rides getting off and out of them, combined with long bare legs and stripper shoes, ah gad, the looks. Yesterday my dad realized that I am the only one in the universe who dresses like a spice girl and it draws A LOT of attention I think before in our little Burlington bubble it’s just amusing that I freak out the locals safely from a suburban distance, wholly diff at le ex. Two innocent dudes were checking me out apparently and my dad went up to them and said Hey, did you know, that that’s my daughter? They split. Dad Im not thirteen anymore haha. One guy had Dave Grohl pigtails fresh outta vermont or some shit, zero threat.

Hahah this photos sucks but I love it. taking pictures was the last thing on my mind at first cos we all started out at our place which was an ordeal organizing us all out of here and over to the ex of course. We were cleaning and unpacking up to the very second the family arrived, up since 9am and if you know me and cleaning/organizing you’ll know that this person can be a scary person.

The weed what is my gorgeous niece is growing. Sent her home with three bags full of Raymi clothes, items, jewelry, purse, shoeses.

Kiss tribute. The Gene guy flicked his tongue at me. Gross. I was dressed like a groupie so I went with it.

My shorts were a massive hit at the fairgrounds, it’s like, no one has worn teeny white shorts before. Shorts of summer for sure. These two chicks took my picture trying to be stealth but my whole family caught them and then we just ignored it, but they wanted more pictures of me so were forced to approach and play nice. You know when you want a creeper shot, well they got busted, but I so didn’t care which made them feel embarrassed so then the unexpected happened, I turned and OF COURSE you can take a better picture of my shorts (I know you want the whole package too), here’s my card, send me those shots. Didn’t see that comin’ haha. Hi ladies!

If you still want to give’r but have kids, ethics state you can just jam these on their head and take ‘em along to any ol live music happening. Apparently a mommy blogger blogged about how uncomfortable it made her to see mommies with their babies at some of the parties late at night, like, leave your accessory at home this is BLOGHER but really, that chick just doesn’t know how to party and disassociate what other people may be doing in the room and those mommies likely didn’t have construction headphones on their baby’s head now THERE’S a product to test market/specifically brand to the rock&roll moms out there. The singer of F-d UP brought his kid out before they performed at Dundas Square for NXNE and he had those on, EVERYONE knows about baby headphones come on people.

Hahha that’s my arm. Dad got really nervous up here. Afraid of heights? Worth the view.

There was even a mardi gras parade at one point. The CNE brought it this year. Still a week left ya hosers.

the sky was cotton candy.

We hung with some skids. People watching at the exhibition is just out of control, the best. But going on a Saturday is brave. Crowd city. We triumphed through it and had a blast. Thanks for the Media Passes and parking, it was murder directing my dad to the gates in car with all of us stuffed inside and normally when we zip around the ex grounds i’m tweeting or comatose, I know the lay of the city inside out but could I tell someone directions without flipping out Cosmo Spacely (Mr. Jetson’s sadomasochistic boss) style? Ha you wish. Which is why some of our day was tense as teacher went on ahead of us with the directions, his job, his one thing, the one thing I have hired you for and that my brains stops working at, is the directions, to this gate. I will not delight you with the details of the ridiculous rage I experienced, I’m like this guy sometimes and it is magnificent.

Actually I feel like this man is severely Bipolar. We watched this at 5 in the morning in Montreal and HOWLED laughter, oh christ. Send it to someone with anger problems when you are feeling bored. Wasn’t planning to blog at the moment but that’s how she goes when you sit down in front of the horn also just spoke with my dad and he kind of guilted me into it, it’s the DAD TIMES EXTRA! EXTRA! Dad had a corn dog (said it was gross) chili fries and a burger and my brother made fun of him. That is one of our leading stories in the DAD TIMES today. HI DAD! I’ll brb with my phone pics I know you are waiting on the edge of your seats.

psst. look at the poster allison made. We are referred to as Beach Blanket Burlesque for now. I want to go by Madame Raymi once I have this running like a well oiled machine then I will be like Cher in Burlesque and express my emotions through sad dances to ballads ahahah YES.

14 thoughts on “i c raymi at the cne

  1. i feel successful. i found a very similar black jumper like yours. it was on sale and the last one at forever 21.

    i’m such a raymi rip off haha. i love your style so much.

  2. haha soon.

    it would be cool if you could do a feature as part of your posts saying where you got your outfits. unless you want to keep it on the down low.

    have you ever seen the blog what i wore?

  3. Raymi…dude. I LOVE your style. I steal your nail polish style all the time (don’t worry, I give credit where credit is due).

    You have inspired me to have more fun with my own style, and to be a little braver in my choices.

    Seriously, people want to know.


  4. no offense, Erica, but I really like the way Raymi DOESN’T list out every detail about the stuff she has on, there are 423784237482 blogs that do that. Love the poster. The guy in that video reminds me of Ricky on “TPB”–hysterical!

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