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running out of summer

This was the best genie outfit I ever made. Genie Aladdin Jambi ahaha we were just doing peewee references on twitter earlier. Good morning PeeWee, GOOD MORNING MR. T CEREAL!

Don’t you wanna squeeze and hug me and steal me for winter? Aw winter. NO go away.

This is my hangover jumpsuit. I wore it the day I cooked with Marco Pierre White in San Diego amidst a the devil is on his way purgatory of a hangover, I still managed to make it to the conference thanks to this jumpsuit. This was the summer of raymi, you betcha.

As the boys smoked Angelo told us about the light box ordeal and I suggested moving it over to the left so it wouldn’t be obstructed by the post. We bickered for twenty minutes over it. Meanwhile it’s perfectly showcased here, only because I painstakingly lined up this shot being sure to omit various light reflections from the street. Being an anal perfectionist is one beat away from mental illness. Did I mention I saw my shrink today?

Tits and diamonds, where’s the error? There is none.

I wore the hell out of this cardi. I only packed two, we didn’t plan to stay on two extra nights in montreal but once we rolled up to the gallery on Friday to say what’s up it was apparent that we would DEFINITELY F-ING BE STAYING A NIGHT I don’t know why I started yelling there, it felt right, it’s Friday and I am drinking bourbon now. HELLO.

We had an amazing hangover dinner up the street at an Italian resto, on the back patio, our waitress hated us and we couldn’t stand for it so we desperately sucked up to her until the bill came. Sometimes they overhear shit and just decide to be your enemy but it turned out it was actually just her last shift. Ever. She quit. BEEN THERE!

See the firefox tee? Same brand as that heart long sleeve OMFG in love with them, affordable, higher end for sure and pricier but you know whatever, the older you get the more expensive your clothes are supposed to be. Mom did you say that to me?

Seeing the diamond graphic calmed me as I’ve one in a commissioned piece, diamonds are indelible for sure (breaky at tiff’s come on) therefore hallmarks, classic. Post modern-modern (puke term but you know you love it) back in vogue once again, triple stamped it.

I saw Alex break angel facade at one point once my little fashion shoot was done, his attention to retail detail is très magnifique. He flipped out over the placement of two trucker hats in the window and it happened while I wasn’t wearing any pants (humongous elephant in the room). Hilarious.

Totally awesome, right?

See how I changed my sweater? Our hotel is attached to Angelo’s gallery so after dinner I ran up to swap sweaters cos it got colder.

And hungover psychedelia brought us once again back within the catacombes of several continents. I am horrible at geography so don’t even ask or expect what is what.

Earlier standing around. I had attempted to wear my belt, no chance. Almost was took under by nausea and anxiety but I beat it thankfully. It’s been nothing but clean healthy diet living since we’ve been back. Bourbon doesn’t count on a Friday when you are finally getting back to unpacking and preparing for your family plus niece tomorrow afternoon GAHHH there’s so much to do including vacation unpacking and soaking up the rest of summer. Boo.

Up that street behind me are so many restaurants. Montreal food is delicious. Had the best Anti pasti of my life. LIFE!

See what I said about the slopey street? Wicked.

Platinum mane is getting really long. Like ballin’ Narnia lion long. Do you know what this means? Invincible. It appears as though I am standing on my pants, I’m not. It’s the slope.

Angelo you should loan me a piece of art to hang above my couch for all my at home dance videos. A new one a month. Teacher’s idea.

STELA’s shoes.

I can’t believe how skinny I look despite how terribly bloated I felt at the time. Before dinner of course.

That would be my up to something face.

It’s a fun space.

But I look good anywhere, don’t I?

Angelo lost his keys. After twenty minutes of zoning out I helped him retrace his steps it was like we were dating again omfg ahaha.

I am so happy I bought these slippers. Or that teacher did. SPOILED.

Sterling blow baggy. Could be mistook for the bag of Jerry Garcia ashes in half baked that stoner wears around his neck. Anyway it’s a totally creative and dark piece of jewelry. You can’t take your eyes off it. Probably shouldn’t wear it out at night in certain establishments ahahaha. Or near addicts. Or your mom.

The Vicodin. Porcelain. Classiest pill in town.

I wanted to represent each ailment the pill remedied, this is pain of the emotional variety.

This is a neat place to trip out.

I am a potato bug.

Time to BBQ the jerk chicken we’ve been marinating all day and the doggy is on her way back too. Woof! CNE tomorrow with family, got to get back to cleaning and dumping stuff I always leave everything to the last minute. Ooh can watch Jersey shore now. What a wild Friday night don’t make fun!

xo your pal raymi

11 thoughts on “running out of summer

  1. Thx for telling me where you got it all. I have concluded that you have a model type body so you can get away with wearing anything. is there any style you feel doesn’t suit you?

  2. i am trying to give you a compliment for sure. i’m just saying you look good in everything that’s all. and you have wicked style.

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