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Now who’s a YOGURTEASE?


1-3pm! 875 Eglinton Ave. W Maybe spot-a Raymi? At the Brand new Bathurst and Eglinton location of Yogurty’s! ENJOY!

Hi Little Raymis! Welcome to Yogurty’s, mecca of premium low-fat frozen yogurt.

Love it! Looking at one photo of myself I exclaimed LOVE IT without even noticing their branding. Double adorable.

GREAT design taste.

We begin the process. This was FUN. The variety of yogurt flavours to choose from is impressive and the thing about Yogurty’s is it’s an ice cream experience, but yogurt. One can barely tell the difference. It’s healthier, classier, just a good vibe all around. Could easily envision a day trip of kids taken here in-between party activities.

and so i dressed for a kindergarden birthday party heehee.

You start with one of these bad boys.

Ha I love watching me do stuff.

Started us both off with a chocolate base.

Banana split for colleague next and I had peanut butter.

I’ve always wanted to be an ice cream girl vendor of some sort. Pizza Hut dessert bar was the best idea they ever had.

I was goin’ bananas. ‘Cept on peanut butter.

That’s the base our Yogurty’s foundation was built upon. I, had a vision.

Toppings galore! This was dinner so I did not skimp on the toppings.

Mine won for being cheaper, came out to just over seven bucks. Colleague’s was over 8. He had lots of fruit. I plied his with those bubble tea balls. The toasted coconut i put on mine was SOOOO GOOD. I didn’t put any sauces on, no need, the yogurt is flavoured enough and I had the guilt bad. Also, happily, I am still a rake today so now we know we can live on yogurt for forever now. ps. they’re on twitter so follow follow if you want to swallow swallow.

Ohh, spooky arty.

Not a bad day at the office there eh bro.

I am SO elated no one bought these from my 10 year blog anniversary party. Raymi didn’t wear wedges then.

FROYO LOVE! who sang for your love, the yardbirds? man i miss mod club at lava lounge now THOSE were the days amiright? To be 19 ahhh.

So true. Two birds one stone girls night out, yogurt, cute facebook photo backdrop, rent a movie, have your time of the month. You’re welcome.

This was after I threw the last third of mine out so as to stop myself. I IMMEDIATELY regretted it.

Aaand there I am doing the deed.

I told you I only eat rainbows. Raymbo Bright.

My last bite swan song.

I colour co-ordinated/differentiated our spoons so that colleague wouldn’t die, he’s got a nut allergy and I had peanut butter as one of my flavours, then topped it off with red velvet. OMG YUM NOM NOM.

trying to discern what the bubble globules are. Delicious all the same.

A fun little treat.

Here’s the history of Yogurty’s:

In 1987, just when frozen yogurt arrived on the scene as a healthy alternative snack, the Yogurty’s concept was created in Toronto. It’s unique concept, featuring rich and creamy frozen yogurt that tastes like ice cream without the fat and fewer calories, was enjoyed by adults and kids alike. It soon became an international sensation with shops around the world. Yogurty’s etched it’s name as being the provider of premium frozen yogurt and today that reputation still stands.

Click to enlarge. They’re called popping Bobas. FUN! Filled with juice.

Not to mention are adorable.

You feel crazy by this point and totally stoked to taste your Frankenstein Yogurty creation.

I was very delighted and impressed with the quality of the joint, decor, atmosphere and overall experience and you will be too. Just look at the joy beatifically emanating from my golden cupcake self.

It’s brand new, so new they’re building new all around it. Summer is the season for construction. This Location is at 1703 Avenue Road 416.789.5005. You’ll love it!

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