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moving day specials

we sat in the car for an hour to get to adventurehouse. cos of construction and caribana holy crap never move on caribana fyi. i can run to advhaus in 5 minutes.

quite an interesting day to move and have a yard sale what with caribana and shootings and hammer beatings happening right down the street and around the corner. i gave a pair of shoes to a girl for free cos she lost hers in a stampede chasing after her niece. likely when that shooting happened. bush league right, jesus. they were my grey/black leopard flats and fit her perfectly she got pretty emotional when i asked if she was ok, still stunned from the happening. we’re kind of used to that bullshit over in this naybe and is somewhat expected during caribana. sad but true.

meanwhile have some fruit!

ill miss cind and reg’s car out back.

lots of caribana girls. great costumes.

hello kitty caribana can you imagine?

i don’t even remember who bought or stole this nor does anyone else recall how it disappeared but it’s funny how obsessed you get with selling something, even if for just 2 dollars, take it idiot it’s practically free, never been worn, yeah you got a bit of a gut bit this’ll look awesome on you and nevermind why the hell they blatantly selling a gift i gave to lucas in front of me anyway. bad garage sale etiquette dudes. i didn’t care. next time no souvenirs lesson learned.

by the end of the day we were just giving it all away for free people couldn’t believe it, trust guy, there’s triple this inside.

so much more inside, things i should totally be selling but it was too late and no point. i’ll get more money for my junk elsewhere. is bellwoods having another marketplace thing? fuck that i can just do it alone. with balloons and hot girls.

my aunt was a huge help to me, so organized and thorough i was just going to put everything in garbage bags and deal with it never haha.

two little raymis were fighting over this bag and i didn’t have the time to deal with it RAYMI@RAYMITHEMINX.COM if you want it still. it’s roxy.

steph gave me that shirt.

i got a nice little bundle of shirts and stuff off the roommates pretty sweet including this retro two-piece suit i dunno where i’ll wear it.

pool table at the airport. lets get there early so we can play snooker! totally! pfft right.

the point of these fabulous shots was the mountain. i think i am mountain obsessed.

i like how my hair looks here. i am happy no one bought my wedges i almost sold, the ones i bought for wakestock now that i know how to walk in them. those puppies are way more stacked platform than my steve maddens. stoked. i tried them on for my aunt yesterday. also i have her old wooden clogs. SUMMER OF RAYMI!

this is the part when i started going crazy. i only had one cupcake then the most syrupy pina colada ever then i said fuck it and started dancing to adele and a girl turned the song off on me and i froze and she turned it to a shittier song and i went to sit down and she goes oooooh you’re mad at me come dance with me now! trying to pull me off the couch, i don’t know what she turned the song to but it was horribly undanceable i looked at her and said I WAS DANCING. teacher just looked at me and said yup, that happened as in mean girl shit. it was intentional.

after the mountain. wiped and refuelling.

i’m the only one who got sun on this deck, it wiped me out even more, well, just made me mellow i really enjoyed it. glad i showered i was deteriorating rapidly into mountain garbage.

creepy photos. steph is holding a pina colada and wisely put more ice in it. tasted like a white freezie smothered in malibu rum. like shards of slashed ice. it was interesting. not creamy milky like a typical pina colada and i couldn’t taste any booze by this point in the trip so i was like is there even a point here i don’t know if i’ll even get ripped from this acid reflux-inducing delight. it was bottomless but i think i managed 3/4 of it.

one of my favourite parts was night walking.

very dreamy nostalgic and still, in the sumer night. perf doobie walk basically if one was wont to do that then pop in a copy of daze & confused.

classic canadian carhole party.

another new steph shirt. soo tight! brand new. she has a specific style so i get all her weird girly frock shirts. yay!

i gave her a pair of new flip flops from ON, bronze. she spilled beer on the van couch.

it’s interesting when guys “decorate”.

this is an awesome banner cos he’s not the only son, there are three, and he’s not even the favourite son either bahahha. everyone in thunder bay is hilarious by the way, lot of ripping and jokes, you gotta have tough skin to hang there, fuck, i can barely take it ahahha.

and then i was a banshee.

not spunk. it was a persian fiest. once you have one you cannot stop.

this is us leaving thunder bay for red rock. we were pumped.

oh yeah heard the dumbest thing at the coffeeshop, a girl said i HEARD from my friend who has a place in toronto and like, in parkdale i think, they left their door open and came home to a crackhead smoking crack in there. teacher and i just stared at her this hipster wannabe thing. yeah, because when we leave doors open in the city a silent crackhead dog whistle sounds and crackheads (who never actually HAVE crack btw) materialize out of the bushes and side streets and zero in on your house exclusively to get lit, and by the way NO ONE LEAVES DOORS OPEN IN TORONTO MAYBE MORONS FROM THUNDER BAY WITH APARTMENTS IN PARKDALE haha actually i have a few friends who stupidly leave their doors unlocked and have only been broken into twice and robbed and attaced altogether three times BUT that’s besides the point you cannot talk about toronto like that much like i can’t talk about thunder bay like that. the toronto hatred is this: they don’t actually know shit about toronto so they make up fables as facts and they’re just angry we make the decisions for them and think the province should be split in half and meanwhile crackheads are thumbin’ their noses at ya right? ps. the term crackhead is politically incorrect. it’s crack addict for future, they have feelings too and are humans. if you live in a sheltered bubble you cannot throw stones.

doing my nails a random hodge podge which coincidentally (kismet) trend-swept the netz. i left two nails bare, one thumb gold from a bottle i tested and then two other shades oh i forget. i am obsessed with getting the right fluorescent pinks and oranges now and i haven’t got my bottle off paddy yet. there’s also a troll obsessed with telling me i have cellulite too. please guy, you either get that at like 20 or you don’t i don’t understand why some woman has to attack me mischa barton style like what if i have a ripple and then the rest is smooth? is that ok with you do you have to tell me this in my comments? does the world stop spinning if you don’t wound my heart?

parking lot hang!

cellulite? hmm nope. thank you come again!

ok i’ve been sitting around naked long enough gotta get back to moving world now. man you really learn who your friends aren’t on these special fun moving days right.

alos there’s this thing. total stripper gear. the top took a bit of patience to figure out, tying it between your bewbs what?

i am going for a suicidal run tomorrow. watch out.

not exactly a thong in the back but pretty skimpy. i don’t care much for the pirate thing but it’s fun so whatever. may come in handy for something.

Hi Raymi,

Thanks for the bday wish! It’s pretty crazy that I still read your blog, almost on the daily after I dunno, 9 years?
I’m still not a fashion designer, for a few different reasons, thus why I’ve not sent you loads of clothes…but one day, I promise, I will.

The reason why I’ve always read your blog is because of your wit, your integrity and your beauty/ sex appeal. (still not a lesbian either, my hair is longer since I met you too!) I fucking hate/get so frustrated with the internet, I only read like 2 other blogs. Hipsterrunoff (barely anymore) and Hel-looks (all photos anyway), so you can see how serious I am about the internet and please take that fact as a compliment. Over time I’ve noticed that you have posted a fair bit more about haters or dramas that are going on on the internet and in T.O. It flys completely over my head. I have no fucking idea who you are talking about most of those times, but I guess it’s important to bring attention to that aspect of your life and let out frustration, and it’s very eye opening to me and relateable to those who are familiar with those scenes. I think it’s bewildering that you have these people that actually pester you enough to trigger you to write to address them. I only have respect and support for your own choices of which parts of your life you wish to share on your blog. It is your blog, so I take it as that. Anyway, I don’t know if we would be the best of friends, mostly because we might just try to upstage/out banter eachother but I do think if you make it out to Vancouver sometime again, that you should give me a buzz.

P.s. I do actually have a hook up to Hello Kitty jewelry and probably a plethora of other tat…living/working where I do… maybe send me a picture of all that you do have, because I can’t remember from your blog…and I will send you something?

Hope all is swell!


oh i dont upstage i have lots of tens and 8s as friends and im just happy to be in people’s company if they just let me be me yeah? i’ll take any hello kitty junk off your hands. i like that we are still in touch. i have nothing but positive fond memories of you. im going to post your message on my blog if you’re cool with that. would absolutely love to catch up for real sometime. still the same person just changing hahah. a bit delirious waiting to board for tbay right now. xoxo

7 thoughts on “moving day specials

  1. Baaah, thank you! I don’t think anything grinds my gears as much as the horrible distasteful words used for people with drug addictions. HATE IT. This could be you YOU or your MOTHER or your BEST FRIEND, so shut the eff up.

  2. so, how is one’s number (“i have lots of tens and 8s as friends”) decided, anyway? do you pick your own number? do people assign one to you? is there a website where you submit your photo and the general public votes? do tell!

  3. I have a new top for you to wear with those red life saving shorts, its white with the words red stripe on it. Hailey has one too.

    And those Caribana girls on your street are priceless!

  4. about assigning numbers to friends

    They are usually A list


    B list

    Very hard to find Keeper A list


    Make new friends, but keep the old
    one is silver and the other gold

    Gold would be A list

  5. mom she means your rank as a hottie or nottie on a scale of 1-10 which i’ll address later as it culls from multiple superficial areas such as pedigree, status, networth (and potential) looks, class, beauty, and so on. i wasn’t being dead on serious and i don’t consider the rank/rate scale as my own personal opinions but more so how i know the general populus judges and takes account of such elite standings.

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