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hilarious whoopsies

gahh we checked the luggage and the ipod (no earbuds) is in it i’m in a hippie coffeeshop in town, at least the music is inoffensive. this is the only time i spent on the swing out back. this three second photo opp before we drove away hahaha.

this thing came with their house and steph goes oh cool we’ll put our records in it and the previous owner was all crestfallen like wicked idea never thunk of it hisself and now look. tight.

yup i do it’s true.

some of ‘em super hate the leafs, and toronto. it takes getting used to. being pissed off half the time is part of the experience.

i was inside working on my boom post and they were baking hangovers in the sun and conspired to play a trick on me about how no one wanted to go up the mountain just to see how pissed off i’d get and teacher was like i’ll be standing ten feet away when that happens. i already had suspicions they might puss out so was pre-defensive about this possibility so when steph said oh yeah we were going to play a trick on you i EXPLODED! hahahaha.

maybe a third way up, or half, pretty up there. we were all a little more nervous than year’s past and you get an adrenaline fear surge i know my brother is afraid of heights and during his fireman training you’re high high up on a ladder, anyway, shit like that goes through your head as you’re scaling a rockface and we accidentally took the hard part on the last stretch gone too far to turn back you just keep going up and don’t look down. we had to get totally blasted once we got up there and have a nice long sit just to chill out.

this is where ryan said it wasn’t as scary on that part when they were kids, they call this table rock where you stop to have a drink if you want but there’s no need if you’re an adrenaline junky like me. i loved this. i utilized every single flexible toned athletic ability i have and it was awesome. i got shaky at parts and instead of just using my legpower i’d bend and scoot or go down on my ass during a rock slide i started ahhaha it was kind of a shit show, steph slipped like on a banana peel except a massive dark earth mud crater three foot narnia tree root drop i knew she was alright so i laughed my ass off then i did the splits going down some roots and my left leg tucked pointed into the back of my spine and i was stuck in the earth and jungle. hilarious whoopsies.

i think we sat for two hours?

we played the alphabet game naming canadian things. i forget what A was but B was Beaver, C – Canoe and so on good game to play while checking out the Canadian Shield.

so glad we took the camera. got over 300 pics. these are just random grabs i don’t know how interesting it is to look at leaves. sentimental forestry.

it’s something else to see an entire cloud shadow over a big plot of land. aweing.

my hair was so ratty, i had wanted to shower and then maybe maintain it but glad i didn’t cos there’s no way to maintain as you come out of that mountain a total fraggle rock catastrophy mess with dirt under your nails, shins, ass, sweaty, clammy ratty good ole fashion post hike disgusting. i am a professional at hiding the i’ve just climbed a mountain dirtbag glow but i knew the hike would all-out destroy my hair and during a cottage bender you either desperately try to maintain that sinking ship or you walk the plank and just take a shower bro! i felt SO much better afterward.

on the way up i said i was steve irwin scared and on the way home talking about all my pictures i said i was david hasselhoff pumped cos i have lots of shots from three years ago and now photos of me and steph posing with the same trees. what can i say, i fixate.

see how big the bottoms are on me now. diaper. i look like WWF, the ninja turtles, dog the bounty hunter and hulk hogan. sorry if it takes off.

wildflowers surround the mountain, drenched in sunlight. major summer to-do. afterward teacher rode in the back of a pick-up and jumped in lake superior while i transformed back into a game show host from swamp trash.

first night in red rock suckas! third year there. people were amazed, impressed, shocked, stunned. i told one person i was banging a local politician (are there any?) that’s why i keep coming back. everyone is telling me to move here hahaha.

grilling peppers.

shorelunch is fried pickerel. it’s a delicacy. women get the tail cos there’s no bones or littler bones. so cute. oh yeah and last night steph and i had a chat in the crazy woman room and now she can’t stop calling it that and said it makes her feel crazy i was like yeah fully while drinking red wine and the party insanity was in full-effect by then it was pretty funny, apt.

nice deck and your eyes just gobble the mountain up you can’t stop staring at it. the immensity and the trees all jammed up at the top with sun glaring though you’re so close you can make out the details of earth, rocks, trees. kind of like the lion king and you don’t take that for granted when you live in the concrete jungle.

this was my hulk hogan moment and i see that i am turning into my crazy uncle mike so that’s also good. had some skater fan boys sitting out front of the variety store so i did a couple laps around the car to thrill them. a couple braver ones walked over to the school to get a better view of our act 1: party ice into the mountain coolers.

that lululemon headband was the smartest idea i had all week. i put my hand down on to so many disgusting things up and down the mountain, slugs, damp soggy logs, ugh.

i think i wore red sunglasses the first time i went up it so now it’s a superstition that must eternally be fulfilled.

so much wood nymph material.

we drank from the mountain fountain of youth. super delicious and pure.

we conquered thee. loved it.

having a bit of a break here. went the wrong way. we were pretty bagged by this point.

solid ground made it! phewf.

i am going to have pan’s labyrinth dreams about this now.

en route to a bbq. a delicious one. i am sooo fat.

we were all julians.

we’ve been loitering in this coffeehouse for awhile now and it’s balls hot. feels weird for a friday we are in bizarro world still and it’s not like a fun friday feeling cos i have to pack and move tomorrow and i am zero per cent ready my dad and brother are gonna be so pissed. melodie too probably. hi guys!

new clothing scores from steph too yay. teeny string bikini. everything is teeny and fits my new body just right cos she is petite.

sayonara buddies. loads more photos to share and send another time.

this is where i’ve been parked for the last two hours my back is killing. one of my new shirts. ten bones! also got fruit loops. my dress is darling. see you soon toronto!

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