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Now turn to Channel NWO

this cabbie grinned ear to ear listening in on our chat and general thunder bay observations then i told him to crank up the iggy pop. steph the cab was $25 fyi.

harvest moon came on. i belted it modestly then wanted a video but the magic of the moment was lost cos i had to ask for it to be captured. i request a more intuitive (filmogropher) partner for when i next candidly break into neil young on my favourite stretch of the ride into RR.

now listen to this gorgeous, haunting, perfect moment in time.


hey email me if you want in on my RUTHLESS MOVING SALE goodies tomorrow. also melodie is selling a lot of great items and girl’s a hoarder so you are guaranteed a find. it’s caribana weekend too and adventurehouse is located right smack down there in the middle of all that hoopla (we rented/sold our parking spot last year for the weekend) so why not hey, make a day of it? have your lil saturday, go to easy, why not why not. it’s good to be back toronto. great to get away and helps you appreciate what you’ve got all the more. def still have the jetset bug though. next week it’s san diego!

no one hates a picture from below! i was smile grimacing from the impatient dorks queuing up behind teacher, no rush people i know it’s not yet 9am but chill kay. i was just subjected to hearing the only guy who still actually talks on a cellphone (TEXT MESSAGING HELLOOOOO!) in the lounge while you sucked on shortbread so now let me have my barbie runway moment and i’ll go back to ignoring your eyes all over me when i use the bathroom. woah i wasn’t expecting to start a classic blog post here so i’ll try and wrap it up now.

i flew home in the same pants and thankfully i brought lots of dirty laundry that i did none of. traveling skid esquire. my pink watch set off the detector but on the way to tbay it didn’t. maybe i took it off? can’t remember i was pretty retarded at the time and nervous of course. i have travel heebie jeebies. total marge.

steph was car hole plastered it was wicked. oh man we drank so much this trip. teacher has been put through the ringer i think we are going to lay off the booze for a bit now haha.

shitty photo and the ONLY ONE so yeah. we’re kind of into them anyway, being sexy all the time is exhausting and big pressure and when you, the nut, fall far from your tree, toronto, your special brand of, ah, eccentric, is all the more prominent. you make waves. i should keep a gross photo of myself in my purse on nights i go glam so that people can relax i’ll thrust it in a slit-eyed woman’s face and go LOOK AT WHAT I LOOK LIKE IN THE MORNING DON’T EVEN WORRY ABOUT IT pull out another and go SEE CLEARLY I CAN REACH NEW HEIGHTS OF EPIC UGLY. that was in one of the shittier rooms of the hotel, still nice but not as swank as ours.

ok BYE! big brother time. more complaints and brags later! promise!

4 thoughts on “Now turn to Channel NWO

  1. Looks like a great vacation with good friends in the Great White North.

    Is it the Great White North?

    Good luck with the move, hope the air conditioning is working, its a scorcher

  2. Pffft, don’t kid yourself, you wake up beautiful, we’ve seen the pictures, so I don’t suggest that tactic unless you are trying to make ladies cry!

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