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went on a crazy run yesterday.

yeah look how hyper i look.

now picture this scaling a mountain.

that mountain.

pretty tropical there in the sumer time.

you get vertigo the next day or at night lying in bed picturing this but while there it’s totally cool. it looks like you could be in fiji when you look out on to the water, lake superior? islands foreverrrr.

also flying into danger zone. forest fires. jesus right?

gahah wiener. found bottles of stephy’s favourite discontinued iced tea vodka and kept one for us. like pirate stow-aways i hope they make it safely in our luggage we checked. pretty delish.

we HAVE to climb this mountain i talk about it all the time, we didn’t climb it last year. i am going to do it in my vintage keds meredith got me from saskatoon last summer, they’re already pretty dirty and i didn’t have a chance to make it to adventurehouse to grab my desert trek clarks which you can see i wore last time, sockless. animal. bug spray? we’ll outrun ‘em i said. now it’s a thing down there outrunning mosquitos.

steph wiped out right here last time with that daquiri bottle in her hand. didn’t smash. phewf.

but it is beautiful replete with train and it’s going to be HOT. we’re going tubing, beer float tubing.

okee dokeeeee see ya in the sky.

two-hander from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

i’ll be checkin’ in to the legion again and signing the book and entering in the meat draw haha. you can’t swear in there either. look out!

also, the roof blew off the thunder bay airport last week so, these are all good omens.

we watched sucker punch last night. holy hot film. highly suggest you watch it. there’re numerous raymi correlations throughout. it’s like nerd geek dude comicon p0rn.

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