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once upon a time in a life i used to live i sat beside this argumentative neurotic endearing bafoon at a wedding reception (he hit on me all damn day but i was engaged and then he insisted to debate sarah palin with me) on ward’s island by the name of spencer rice. you may know him as spenny of kenny vs spenny fame.

i, like you, am a total star fucker in where if you are somebody i want to know you, because i too am somebody. the amount to which i want to know you is inversely proportional to how much i feel you want to know me. if you got raymi’s back then raymi’s got your back all the way too, which is why i am fastidiously speed typing through slow wifi on my precious holiday for this sleazebag old buddy ol pal of mine as his new show SINGLE WHITE SPENNY airs tonight for the very first time at 9.30PM EST and then again at 11.30PM on showcase. i cannot watch it as i am in miami beach with my bloodshot eyeballs lolling around in their sockets nursing a warm can of corona, it, in short, is “the life” one might say. ok where was i with this shill, oh yes, here is an actual review of the show. you have half an hour to get your popcorn and beer together. please let me know how it is and if i want to have anything more to do with this guy, i can’t spill the beans but, yeah, it’s in your best interest to become a liker of all things spenny.

i’ll brb with pics of my shopping loot. i shopped til i literally dropped through my hangover anxiety attacks oh god. earrings, cupcake necklace, 3 bikinis, a dress, shirts shorts nail polish hell ya. also will show photos of the swanky hotel we just checked into, mad ballin’ place i’ll be plugging the crapola out of it as they’ll be hooking lil miss social media number one blogging sweetheart uppppp. they just gave me a comped fridge too and the last two nights we’re moving to a bigger suite with a terrace. oh joyous rapture.

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