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floriduh highlights

hello and greetings from myself and my lesbian mothers. off to the beach now.

lost 40 bucks last night. angry. went to hard rock cafe casino compound. was fun and funny. you can smoke in there. gross. obviously i made a thousand pissed off remarks about my hair smelling like smoke. we got a stage five clinger right off the bat too. didn’t buy us a drink so we peaced him out.

dad i bought you a present. this isn’t it. however it is beatles-related.

i’ve stopped fighting for shotgun. when tracey least expects it though, this kid will be sitting in the front arms folded, silent war victorious.

ernesto won’t let us feed the cat our kippers.

gahaha exactly.

search and rescue or something disturbing going on in the water.


cottage cheese thighs you wish richmond bc.

it’s a sunny day today so i better split.

ok bye my mom is being annoying and doing the WE’RE LEAVING crap now so i’ll check in later.

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