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something for the jonesers

ok so far we have starved by the pool all day sober. hopefully and possibly i will be coming back 120lbs. awesome.

i downloaded my shit off mystery camera so here i am the night of the seafoody event. why my one eyeball is trying to reveal my secret sailor moon stature in this snap i do not know.

i left this suit at home cos there’s splotches all over it like dye or something and it looks dirty. i plan to buy another bikini here. my green monster one i am alredy bored of plus i think it makes me an 8 when clearly i am a 9, sometimes more.

are you catching the concept of this theme. still can’t play the guitar.

i can match the painting though.

teacher probably took care of that mirror smudge for princess by now. would not let me clean so as to soak up all the raymbo time before i skidapped outta town.

this is about 6 in the morning and our rental company suuuucks.

we have a sebring convertible though. mom thinks she’s getting shotgun the entire time.

waiting for flight at niagara airport. we flew spirit. mucho cheap.

we loved this kid.

that dude is way too tanned. that’s mom cashed out by the pool.

view outside our suite.

i may have overpacked.


rocking chair loungin’ at niagara falls airport from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

rocking chairs at the airport.

dope room. now we just need some champagne. though i’m sun drunk enough.

blurry crib. gorgeous crib.

before it gets trashed. tomorrow we downgrade to a room with two queen beds and then the next day we leave for miami.

kay you get the point. the view from this window perch i am typing from is just gorgeous, perfect for spying and judging. i love palm trees. they make me less bitchy.


leaving will be hard.

rental guy was a dick. i went EXCUSE ME CAN YOU HELP US!? he’s like i have another customer (SO DIDN’T!) and i go yeah, so are we. i singlehandedly crammed all our stuff into the car and you’re not to put luggage in the trunk to wreck the convertible roof top thing taking up ALL the room in there. we have to go back to the airport to deal with the insurance. seriously.

ok gotta go. airport. eat. pool. karaoke. coma.

my hair looks like shit. i don’t care.

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