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ambassador bad ass

raymbo is here.

now let the raymwashing begin.

i likes to keep it black swan. schizophrenic, delusional, beautiful, and graceful.

are you guys ready to get pumped up! jacked and tanned! summer svelte! do you want my turbobabe (teacher’s chick colleague’s refer to it as that) body too? do you want to be an ambassador like me for the motion room and work out FOR FREE!? well, two spots are up for grabs to join and represent a la raymi. you may catch a barenaked lady wandering the halls too.

Did you miss TMR’s wagjag 91% personal training discount? they’ll extend it because I told you to call them but forget that, I have an exclusive just for my readers. TMR is looking for summer Ambassadors so this is your opportunity to do what I do 3 times a week for 1 hour each session.

it will change your look and your attitude (you’ll be swearing much more) and hello, working out with a personal trainer for FREE. Did you catch that? FREE.

deetz: FREE 4 months of training that you EARN. Sign up for the first 4 months…make all established goals (initial assessment is mandatory to determine goals) such as weight loss, stamina and strength increase. Each goal achieved EARNS you credit toward an extra 4 months of training. Do this for you because a balance to life is key…your body doesn’t get fit reading this blog so you won’t be a blob. bahahah. even though oleg says i would never be used like matt damon in an action conspiracy film or for the secret service, maybe you can prove him wrong. he’s trained soldiers and he was a professional wrestler, soccer, doesn’t work out for fun oh man the wisdom coming out of that guy.

pretty tiny now eh? psst. it works.

here i am on a fat day though. see how you have to go everyday, cos it’s a process and you don’t get more fit from NOT working out and moving forward.

every single move you see in the universe you will eventually do it, learn it, apply it to your life or teach it to others.

commitment is key so if you’re now considering this offer make sure you live reasonably close to the Junction or plan to travel, the junction is the new parkdale anyway. you’ll quickly figure out that nutrition is half the equation, when i finally stopped thinking that 3 work outs would erase my over-boozing and eating and started eating better all my work and toning began to shine through.

to qualify as a candidate TMR wants you to journal your experience, hence the “Ambassador” component. if the journal you keep and will publicly share isn’t enough incentive to keep you squared to acheive, I’ll be keeping you accountable directly and checking in on your progress (sporadically) and blogging it. i will even work out with you and scream at you if need be. Interested applicants write here – take the onus, say raymi sent ya. game on.

Candidate Criteria:

Consultation assessment to gauge your current health zone.

Establish goals and measured every six weeks. Scheduling commitment must be at 100% (if you have cottage plans —something can be worked out around that) if you’re sick you have to make it up—the goal is a minimum 3 times a week.

If you can workout during the day 11 to 3 you’ll move up quicker on the selection list. You will be photographed during your workouts (not often) as a visual checkup.

Journaling is on Facebook so best that you’re on there already. If you have your own blog that would be a bonus but not mandatory. ok doke? i am actually waiting to hear about the catch behind this myself, you know, like they forgot to tell me something but nope, no smoke blown up your ass. ask tyler. he said he needs james now. once you get in there and see for yourself you will get it.

i love the euphoria that erases the sadness. it is definitely the emotional room. it brings out people’s emotions. hahaha guess the author of that quote. i used that as my blog title for one of my posts on it, it’s funnier with time.

i like how my posts have brought out the competition in all the dudes i know, they say so to me on email or the PBC has started running, and finishing off with cigarettes. gross.

monika you would be a perfect candidate for this program. they would looove you.

i’ve been pushing this wrong all along. way easier if you push on the weights. they’re like steering wheels. idiot.

i wrote to the running room for some free clothes and shoes. denied. at least they wrote back.

i am strong.

i moved him. not much, but a definite move. my skeleton almost left my body though hahaha.

hooooooly shiiiiiiiiit!

not going to give up.

i am an animal. oleg wasn’t here this day, he doesn’t even know the weapon he has on his hands.

WTF A-HOLE! he was holding a weight too!

i demand a rematch.

i’m surprised those straps didn’t snap off.

what did i do the night before this? i look mangled. andrew said i went through the circuit like 4 or 5 times. during a workout i do it only 3 times, and that’s if i’m not late. it pays to work out with a partner cos you push one another. i full on schooled colleague too. he’s 40 though and way lazier than me.

walter is also an ambassador and takes his work outs serious, more serious when raymi raymbo is around.

that bosu of sand is my nemesis! but its made me have ripa arms. getting closer!

in between stations keep that cardio moving. get the full work out. being lazy is cheating on yourself oleg says.

do a little dance or two. have fun. it IS fun. tyler whistles and sings his head off in between moaning and suffering. the tunes are good and loud and you feel like you’re up in a treehouse cos of the windows at tree level and the green grass, all around great atmosphere. quite fond of this place. snif sniff. totally the emotional room and very much a family. the bonus of that is you get to rip on each other and literally throw one another around wrestle combat drill boot camp style. have any platoon or full metal jacket fantasies? realize them then. it’s f’kn awesome. if you don’t, well then i will always be able to beat you up.

sometimes dan is wicked lazy and stubborn so i have to insult and verbally abuse him into competing with me. i posted these backward, this is the warm up. sprinting.

i’m an agile lil thing i love to dodge things. things with foul attitudes and pink shirts and red sports cars hahaha.

i lapped his ass. at least he was on time though. tsk tsk walter. i am going to have to take them aside to the kidz360 and seal the doors for five minutes of uninterrupted take it to the grave stone cold torture and raymwashing. one part de niro, one part james cappellano and 5000 volts raymiac. yes. i’d be scared too.

see ya on the astroturf.

xo your pal raymi

6 thoughts on “ambassador bad ass

  1. Packing List

    bathing suits
    cover ups
    workout shoes
    toiletries(shampoo conditioner, spray,toothbrush,SPF,makeup,perfume,moisturizer,etc)
    reading material(I brought books to read for you)
    writing material
    American money

  2. ahh i so wish the emotional room was out west. like on the prairies west. i am on a total have to workout exercise myself silly high. it is so addicting its ridic.

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