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hmm where to begin. welp. first off, i failed my blog today but i crossed many items off my to do list and am way less overwhelmed than i was this morning when i woke up so that’s good. i figure anything else i run out of time to do, i just can’t do, or will do when i can. teacher is letting me take his laptop to south beach so that took huge pressure off my shoulders. my mom doesn’t know how to use a mac too so that is also awesome. blaha.

we watched the other woman last night post nap. it is a horrible film. it was perfect for my cucko-mungo mood. not one likeable character. i wanted romantic, a dramedy. tweeting it just as we ordered it off netflix everyone’s like prepare to be depressed. shoulda listened. dead baby? cool set up! natalie portman is wicked frosty bitchy deadpan. lisa kudrow was bizarro world phoebe. the kids, ugh i don’t even want to waste my breath. look, i like kid, love them, but not lactose intolerant brainiac high maintenance fictional ones when i’m trying to couch surf in and out of semi-consciousness. afterward we watched the adjustment bureau woah i would so prefer to talk about that one instead what am i doing?

it was essentially bourne identity and the matrix, which was fine but then they got lazy and fell by the religion wayside. i haven’t blogged in so long it feels, i’m not sure how to do it anymore. it’s been a nutzo week. yesterday, that alleged nap i took (flew by so fast not sure it even happened) was the first downtime i’ve had in like 5 weeks i dunno clearly i am spent. i’m not the only one, all my other unconventionally employed pals seem to be pushed to their limits too. i’ll show you a candle in the wind, elton. i was working on that joke in my head before i passed out yesterday. i’ll get back to you on that other half when i’m making sand castles in miami on monday morning. ahhhh.

i haven’t even had time to look forward to it yet either isn’t that terrible? oh boo hoo poor me oh shut up. i’m broke as fuck right now and i cannot afford time away blablabbity blah only live once everything will be ok KABOOM.

i love how brennen is positively obsessed with blowing my hair out to kelly bundy stature. glad he gave me a trim.

not sure of the show they were shooting i forgot to listen to the answer when i asked a dude cos i didn’t want to get stuck talking to some slob plus my eyes were raining black mascara i had just applied down my face (finally bought allergy visine today) and colleague was on his way to get me for the seafood party, road was closed off intermittently between takes (car chase scene) and adelaide is one way east ok i am getting off blog story course now who cares. teacher and i are hanging out and having friday night beers so this post will reveal itself accordingly.

i turned some heads.

brennen is going to calgary for a week and i just so happened to be dressed appropriately for that. the weather and sky became ominous at this point, it wasn’t lost on me how dorothy gale my dress was. i am surprised i can remember anything at all right now to be honest haha.

burger king drive thru update: lots of people are into whoppers right now.

it’s killing me how many hilarious wipe out scenes i can spot on the splashpad in this photo. total obstacle course. ok go get a po’boy, a glass of shiraz, some bufala and seared scallops without tripping once or spilling anything.

i love me a good mist. before they made the movie from stephen king’s book (alternate ending from book) i used to tell that as one of my scary stories on long car rides or in bed during ghost story scare the shit out of each other time. i also like the raft.

does it feel like you are reading a blog from 1999? well you kind of are hahah but GOOD. fuck it all until i get a good camera. all my gadgets are crap. we are falling apart here people. what value is art to you people? what would you do if young and the restless went off the air? canceled. final season. DONE. i know casie is deeply emotionally invested in that soap. how is this blog any different. you’ve been with me since i was 17. the show is over. raymi takes a bow. what if you couldn’t make fun of me anymore? i know i feel bad and confused when blogs i’ve read in the past bit the dust. i’m considering all kinds of crazy shit like, a real job. stupidity i know like i have any employable skills. haha.

ahh back to fantasyland. thank you hello kitty. you are prozac for my eyes.

look how skinny i am here but from this exceptionally unflattering angle i have bloated party face. i look like the elephant man. ha i wish. we were late and missed tony at boom. it was my genius idea to go to the st. clair location because i thought it would be fabulous to do a patio spread, but no, the wizard of oz has been touring toronto in form of kansas shit show so we sat inside instead. i will blog our date with the teacher and colleague from south beach, i will probably be drunk and sun-stroked and mellow at the time. i hope i don’t get fat. i plan to run on the beach. must remember to bring shoes for that. if there’s a gym i’m going to give mom and lois a workout lesson so we don’t come back as beasts. this trip was lois’ brainchild love her so much for this.

somehow i got hung as hell from the seafood party. i didn’t eat all day (nude scene necessary don’t judge) i guess that was it and the quick wine and base race at that event, guessing the base did not win this round and i am not invincible from hangovers like i sometimes think i am it’s funny i am always shocked and amazed to find myself hungover. HOW DARE THEY! who did this to me?! GET THEM!

not bad, not bad white, kinda pulling it together. don’t forget to check out boom’s site i linked up there, its been done over. very fresh. my blog is jealous.

last day of the minx nails (the last minx was the story i wrote when i invented raymi). i tore them all off at lunch today. it was an intense lunch. i am glad i had my nails shielded from biting them all week, when these decals come off your nails are totally fresh and ready for a painting. i want long sexy nails for my scene tomorrow. the peach polish i bought looks great but the scent is making me pukey. i complained about it on twitter already, scented nail polish, why??

i think that shirt came from steph. it’s perfect, she is a teeny weeny and i wear extra small shirts cos i am simon cowell if i am feeling the slightest bit cocky (skinny) it’s EXTRA SMALL EVERYTHING DAY.

the burger was great. i had half n half salad/sweet potato fries. a bite of colleague’s pancake (sounds dirty) and some of teacher’s omelette. when we went home ordered friendly thai after our nap which we will never order again as it was the most retarded thai food that i have ever eaten, also, it blew. oranges everywhere what? weak spice, confusingly bland glass noodles i dunno what was going on, all to the mastergarbagepiece theatre of THE OTHER WOMAN. i’ve been on a horrible flick pic spree. remind me to shit on sofia coppola’s SOMEWHERE will ya please.

ok here we are up to date with today now. at eaton centre buying lingerie for my doin’ it scene tomorrow. we’ll see how the scene goes i’m told i don’t “have to” but yeah. i am pleased with my lingerie, the first set i tried on, of two things. i am smaller in the butt than i think too so that’s wicked.

i was kind of a slob with post gym hair, went straight to my lunch meeting date with monika and andrew and casie. dirtbag princess tip if you’re a bohemian sloth but you want to look effortless and you have no time, get a black loosey goosey wrinkle free jumper and an easy breezy attitude, no one will notice you have endangered birds taking up residence in your hair through your beaming face.

i am loving my nella bella purse i get so many compliments. it’s the ultimate wow clutch. i wonder if my mom is going to use her half of the london bag. i wonder on what day we will strangle one another. mom bring your camera cord.

i asked teacher if it would bother him more to be present or to not be present for my scene tomorrow. he said he doesn’t want to be around for it, makes more sense right? colleague will be there taking photos though, weird? i don’t even know what’s not weird anymore. i just hope i look thin. hahaa. can we film this myspace style?

i’m like can you get me a bra that doesn’t make me look like a liar? nope? ok then. total push up bra all of them are loaded with water and foam. who cares now i know how all the bitches i know got their boyfriends now husbands, and here i’ve been coasting on personality all this time. chicks who spend money on good bras and lingerie are sneaky little tarts eh? all conservative and prissy in the real world, yeah, i’m on to you.

ok so see what it does to my tits, like, where did that come from? i’m all tiny up there in the torso and it makes my ab def pop out cos you are forced to stand in such a way that just makes you look, good? or it’s a skinny mirror or i look like this, i dunno, i showed the photo to some of the girls (yeah i make fans along the way) and they’re like no, they’re not skinny mirrors. who knows maybe that’s victoria’s secret after all. shit i write the best copy. cheers.

see mom look i went to the bank i got my travel health insurance and money exchanged. it’s pretty much on par still.

what is this a museum?

oh you guys. monika was inspired by all my motion rooming she lost 20 pounds! can i say that? too late. i think that’s incredible. she looks amazing, i didn’t know what was different but in between talking about myself and our (my and casie’s) drama i stopped and was like dude you look fucking good, vancouver was good to you and she said actually, your work outs shamed me into getting up off my ass and doing something. i am getting misty eyed now. so proud of and for her. i’m doing a work out feature post tomorrow so i’ll talk about all this tomorrow. i just got an idea! yes! ideas. i get them too!

this was a solid lunch and even though i am all used up of time i am so glad i kept the date. you know when you get into a bailing mood? but anyway, gave me a lot to think about while i do sand angels.

marben has great food. i knew a chef who worked there. wonder if they fired him or he left or whatever. used to hook me upppp. anyway. that was pretty trainwrecky. i have another pile of photos i uploaded i’ll start up a separate post for. i have this tick that won’t go away unless i am up to date with my blog scrapbooking. it’s horrible. it’s annoying that i am going to have to be the one who founds a blogging anonymous support group someday. i can’t quit you blog.

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  1. Love the pink lingerie
    Goodstuff, you made it to the bank
    Goodluck on the set
    Do you want Lois and I to wait for U on Sunday while you pack?
    You won’t recognise us, going for a last minute spray tan.

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