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a taste of tomorrow today!

way hotter when there’s two of you. new rule.

casie tried to do tippy toes like all my girlfriends try to do to me in pics. no way i said, i am special partly cos i’m tall so THIS is where you stand. i did tippy toes to let her know how it feels.

holed up at the metropolitan on the eve of a $1000 shopping spree tomorrow at holt renfrew. i just found out about it this morning. then, we will be catwalking at design exchange for a purse challenge modelling designs by competing fashion designers so our shopping spree is homework. must match ze purse.

i missed the dinner though, went off to see beady eye at sound academy cos i got bob and mary lynn in and could not miss it. long story short i have barely eaten today, even dropped a slice of what would finally be sustenance in form of disgusto pizza pie down the bleachers from shaky pms haven’t had a moment’s rest hands.

i saw the list of the other tweeter girls on board for this and lo and behold my lil buddy pants (of course) was part of this dreamy fun opportunity. thank you crystal light! very creative little concoction you’ve put together for us all.

when casie got a load of this shirt she could not resist me, nor her own. i have two more slogan matchy shirts for a future publicity stunt in mind.

we kind of are like the olsen twins you know. in real life and in their films, they play the opposite role of what they are. let that sink in.

ok goodnight. you can watch how this spectacularly full and wonderful day all began on my twitter and follow along tomorrow where i’ll no doubt be tweeting up a should i buy this or that storm.



must register to leave a comment. spam is rearing it’s selfish head again. no time to deal with deleting it all today. lemme know if you want to come to the fashion show today. stoked.

3 thoughts on “a taste of tomorrow today!

  1. This post was great…..but the thing is i when i got done reading it i couldn’t remember anything that was written i just had two adorable blondes bouncing around in my head


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