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driving in your car in Hollywood got the top down it feels so good

queen of hearts gardenesque view yesterday late afternoon. i avoid the roof altogether if i can manage it during the day otherwise i won’t get anything done. lying in the sun in those loungers then somebody might bring you a drink, game over. teacher went to wonderland today (AGAIN, how is this teaching?) forgot to dump these bad boys onto his computer. yeah i get to use his laptop during the days if i want he’ll leave it, but, not like you will need it at wonderland.

my hair looks funny. post shower roof insta-drying. good idea me let see how crazy my hair gets. i guess i have kinky hair now that the texture has changed to platinum. i have resilient strong hair. it can handle all the garbage i do to it. i also baby it.

i felt like a mess here. i am still emo. blond is a good fake out all around.

seriously have to get sunblock. i do not want to turn into a leather raisin.


and my face is going to be mega tanned therefore will have to buy darker makeup and so it begins. i am turning kiwi for sure i belong someplace like that anyway. maybe i’ll go visit natalie in melbourne.

and i’ll need a new suit soon don’t think resorts are into people holding up rags to their bodies.

stella wanted to murder the dog next door, this was the brief moment when she was allowed up with us. this drink is white peach crystal light (half packet) with soda and riesling, bit of lemon too? i was sun stapled into the lounger and needed emo punch but was in bossing around concubine mode, told him this is the drink to make, and he did. impressive.

80’s raymi.

the secret to this sally hansen polish that is soo watery and annoying to applique, so i never bother to wear it BUT when i bother it dries phenomenally and gives a long last.

ok one of us lazy asses is going to have to remove that soda water bottle. telltale sign that a drunk lives here if there are soda water bottles. this is storm night watch.

when it started pouring they turned out the stadium lights thus un-illuminating our storm shoot.

was good while it lasted.

can you see lady garbage?

yeah cool safe. that’s a long fall moron.

my mystery olympus can still give’r.

i finally timed a lightning strike. strike!


hot sauce and bitters land.

everyone got a button applicable to who they are. rob got the pirate eye patch one. luc a pink one and melodie a cute rocker?

i use teacher’s imac wireless mouse case as my jewelry container.

my nail polishes match my candles.

some of the coat rack contents aren’t coats. some are pants and my belts, nylons, haha. i’m in a don’t live here nor there stage so my stuff is all over the place like an infestation.

a lot has to do with stubbornness.

long lasting flowers though today i think they may be pitched. bit wilty.

late night kitchen begins.

the crackers are rice and caraway seeds. yum. two kinds of mustard. grilled chicken…

cheese in the foreground is very nice. i buy cheese based on smell not by name.

altaraymi. raymi’s altar. we pray to hello kitty.

then i psycho cleaned and rearranged the fridge.

i look like i should be wearing a maxi dress and dancing in queen’s park to reggae.

we put the umbrella up when it was a downpour but then that tricky lightning came back and i got scared so we went inside.

hmm what should i eat today.

i want to wear my jumper but i think it might be way too revealing for parkdale, maybe for the party later. that and crimpy pigtails?

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