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why i love youtube

everyday i wake up to extreme insane-o comments in my youtube channel, yes people, there’s a whole “‘notha” realm to ma realms. on flickr for example, i have a HUGE following there that i completely ignore, same for youtube, cos they’re the lowest of the low in form of repugnance and disgusting trolling, opinions, commentary etc. i only care about YOU GUYS! the one video i receive the most comments on is one for q lazarus’ gooqbye horses. it’s one that continually keeps on giving and has taught me a lot about our fellow humanlings online. the video has been viewed almost 105,000 times, i posted it in 2008. i no longer live in that condo and that life no longer exists (and it sure as shit isn’t christmas anymore nor was it when that vintage sign was hung, youtube trolls know nothing about irony) but cos of the beauty and magic of the internet, i get to go back to that world again and again by way of 1. silence of the lambs fans who identify with buffalo bill, a psychopathic cross-dressing murderer. cool.

now not realizing this was the song in the SOTL movie when the penis tuck makeup scene goes down, you can imagine my surprise when comments started rolling in. here’s one i awoke to this morning,

I’d like to make a skin suit out of her, but she looks Jewish. So if I wore her skin over my skin I would feel dirty.

aaaand i think i am going to make an example out of this pukestain now. when i get back from the gym.


merry fuckin christmas


this mutha fucka has it tuck in too…


the cat wants to bang her…



i wish i had time to go look at these loser’s youtube pages, i did at one time, they all have silence of the lambs favourited so, that speaks volumes to their delicate states. i am dealing with gender-conflicted haters on the internetz. maybe i should just own it and like BE their drag star no?

What a skanky ho. Not that I’m complaining, mind you… :-P


damn…I haven’t gotten laid in weeks.

two people thumbs upped that one.

wtf!? “it rubs the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again”hahaha

many quote the film. i am so fucking sick of hearing it i know that scene by heart now and i haven’t seen the actual movie in years. thanks psycho killer fantasists, dear jodie foster you can find the bad guys in my channel.

You look like the singer from the Ramones.

yup i knew that already.

i dont really know what to say -_- damn you are just too fine of a woman

thank you. a lot of the hate spurns from misdirected sexual aggression. they think i’m cute but i’m in their weirdo reality/universe so it triggers a reaction of contempt.

The most sexless awkward thing I’ve seen in awhile. The cunt is totally full of herself, despite the fact that she looks like a dude with long hair from behind.


you all know thats a dude, right?

i am i love with you


godamn! if she isnt hot as fuck may the devil take me to hell now


That’s def a dude rockin the wig! Lol at these clowns!!

anyway there’s tons more filth to go through if you’re bored this manic monday. these turds are so stupid and a waste of your time, eventually i think someone will do a case study on the internet troll, specifically youtube troll i hope. like, how is that a life for you? i would post an update like hey morons this is what i look like now, still not a dude, are you really that stupid? but then it would turn into more stupidity, the infestation of retard is uncontrollable.

7 thoughts on “why i love youtube

  1. Wow, you can’t plan shit like that. Believe me, I’m really wasting my time right now trying to come up with another video that would draw that kind of retardation again. I’m like okay what if you took the soundtrack to “Saw”- no Priscilla Queen of the- no um… holding a copy of Catcher in the Rye. Nope… I have to stop.

    Nobody has made a Catcher in the Rye film yet, have they? I can’t believe that… have they? I almost looked it up. I’m wasting so much time right now.

  2. there aren’t enough hours in the day to put to practise every single idea i have based on other ideas like idea mazes aghhh. also i was planning to make a holden caufield joke in my next post regarding a photo i took on the weekend. cosmicccccc.

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