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Vole vole petite aile

apparently tomorrow it’s going to be 40 billion degrees, therefore, NO ONE is going to be on the internet, henceforth this blog post.

i fucked myself over in removing commenting well, making it so you have to register, so less comments and less clickbacks, less pageviews, and my rank plummets but it’s weird still as my traffic is still high. i dunno. i am obviously too emotionally tethered to blogging, like stockmarket crash reactionarily-so. bad.

f it dude lets go blogging. but NO. lets not! lets catch butterflies and cook in the sun and and and.

we are going to watch round two of never let me go. highly recommend. book and film both. i feel like i am watching my friends, i felt that way when i was watching it last night alone. in a world with these people i watched before in my mind from book. i am talking oprah gibberish now.

don’t worry girls, these underwears are size extra large (shirt is medium). you can like me still. i am an amazon, cotton shrinks and it’s what was in the swag hag bag. i would hike them up over my love handles no matter what cos i have them i am dead set against muffin top and will delude myself into thinking i have one until i am in depends. i believe a normal girl person would wear these at hip, maybe these are teen sized? i don’t understand boy/brief design for girls. meh.

i’ve been rocking the no makeup for awhile, it’s part scary scarecrow freak show princess?

photo teacher took of me sleeping interruptus!

i think i blogged this one already. soak it in again sears girl shot. lets go for a walk!

mega eye contact.

side pony baloney.

sometimes duck face just happens i start to smirk then pull back then click.

fresh contacts chlorine eyes.

THE BABYSITTER II – $5 extra on the hour after midnight!

ugh the geek of your dweeb dreams.

all i can think of is snarky shit to write UGGGGGHHHHHH ACK!

wanna buy a watch? ok sorry i was just (not sorry) enjoying my physique.

and sharing the spotlight.

see how much weight he’s lost? me too. i pay off in many ways.

libville couples championships: destroying it.

gahah this reminds me of this:

that’s two michelle williams references today now.

i am swimming in my clothes too. i am literally a shrinking violet. my shirt is purple.

album sleeve. gratuitous.

my eyes are burning from the sun now. fading. faaaading..

haha wicked.

this was not my idea.

but i got in on it.

ha ha what the shit?

hay! O! spaghettio!

walked and rode bike to advhaus. it’s fine just a bit rusty. but then weird shit happens, gets all slow. i just had it tuned so what the f?

we are on the other side of the liberty ville tracks WHERE’S WE’S BELONG though teacher says otherwise. who cares. tracey shoes!

i just gave teacher three very detailed (helpful) and simple kitchen instructions and now explosions and catastrophies are coming out of there. get pan. heat it. put oil in it. heat that. make science happen by putting sausage under cold water, the casing will separate, peel it. that’s as much as he could take then all the pans fell out of the cabinet like a movie prank.

serious hug.

i dropped my top gun shades in the toilet so i left them at advhaus.

dweeb-ass. i need more running shoes. any excuse to shop. i do tricks with tall cans and purses and hippie grocery cloth bags merely clipped to my rack.

luc got a shirt couldn’t tell if it was for a chick or not. doesn’t matter looks good.

so eileen!

so not.

the awning created a cold spot.

me now.

harajuku gwen.

ok chef has to take the reigns now.

have a wonderful evening.

3 thoughts on “Vole vole petite aile

  1. Out of the little under a year that I’ve been reading your blog – this might be the happiest you have ever seemed in pictures. Good for you – you look great, you’re a fucking phenomenal writer and your relationship seems very happy. I’m lucky to be the type of person that feels good when other people are succeeding and you motivate me to see what I’m capable of. Thank you! Please keep writing forever :)

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