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brunch doesn’t wait for degenerates

that woman beside me was going through menopause and was hilarious. i asked for a patio blanket and she burst into (flames) laughter, she was boiling hot and her face became redder and redder as we gabbed and everyone at their table seemed to be eating food they brought from a cafe, pre-packed stuff, salad, sandwiches wtf haha they said our burgers were expensive i was like well, look where you are jeez. they said i was lovely, to teacher. i was. and am.

it seems we have figured out that photobooth videos do not upload properly to youtube. weird. they speed them up crazy time, whyyy?

captain kitty bunny HQ out.


flattering email dept. says:


not to sound too guh-zay or anything but…. i want a pic of you on my desktop for inspiration. there are alot of things that i admire about you, or at least the person that you make yourself out to be on the internet! is there a picture you would recommend?

i have no idea what kind of response to expect, if any. but hey. thanks :)

xo violet badbunny

any suggestions people? got a fav raymbo pic? what stunt should i next do?

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