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linda hamilton eat your heart out

a post run raymi hello to ya happy saturday.

on my run i learned how to rap this: IT’S TRICK TO ROCK A RHYME TO ROCK A RHYME THAT’S RIGHT ON TIME IT’S TRICK-AAAA! yup. insta-success. too bad stella is a neurotic bitch and blew my run and freaked out a ton. i brought lots of cookies with us. she is lazy and i am not teacher and have zero dog people skills (not true i just go mummy mummy in the most soothing voice ever and i also taught her the word treats).

stylexchange swag. i am liking these girl boy shorts. can i work out in these? i think there is a stigma in work out underwear even though it’s funderwear.

running face. didn’t take my claritin face. how does one inherit allergies? super wicked annoying. running while crying while teeth whitening while foaming at the mouth while the dog is flipping out and nails clawing at the sidewalk dragging me in the direction of home. at least we made it passed the drake so everyone on the patio having brunch thinks i am a blonde athlete belushi with dog companion oozing agility and grace. before that passing the bus shelter by mr. sub she went one way i went the other in front of all these people so i had to throw her under the bus and call her a lazy dog in front of these witnesses. wtf I am the one running here you are slowing me up everyone is nervous here ok lets just all chillax it’s just a dog and a crying girl running.

the allergens cried all my makeup off like a morning session at the motion room.

but who gives a heck about my face, really. it’ body time. from now on you may refer to me by THE BODY. that drink is called PAMPLEMOUSSE GOOSE.

i ran with my ring on because i wanted everyone to know i just stepped off a cotton candy diamond cloud.

movie night.

weirdest most annoying intersection ever, all these angles and whaaat? ok lets backtrack to cross, fine, weird diamond shaped street planning. that’s twice i said diamond in this post.

i have dumb eyes here. cute. see how i shape shift. new girl every night. who do you want? take your pick sir.

so not a fennel salad. maybe 2% fennel the rest being steak egg weird fried chip things. retarded and most expensive salad, as usual. theme salads are usually miss and i think the pub chef needs to get his head out of his ass.

it satiates my no carbs restriction and bipolar requirement of 400 different things going on though. i will give theme salads that at least.

i found him. we have face photo disagreements sometimes.

the lighting was accentuating the bags beneath my eyes or, maybe that was just the bags beneath my eyes. sigh.

awesome moment what i captured. because i am awesome.

i dunno but somehow, this is teaching. brilliant.

found you again. face in a pint. BIG SURPRISE or should i say SLURPRISE? AAHAHAH haha. yes. high five me.

i like that shirt. ben sherman. hmm for some reason you just became more impressive to me. no relation. lol. haha people and labels. never fails. it was worth the money to make everyone around you feel like shit -name brand anything.

we look like sisters here. dimples and sunshine and glasses sisters.

that was clem’s shirt. he left it at adventurehouse. lucas thought it would be his. i passed it off when i was done with it. all my man shirts go to mel inevitably cos she likes to gender bend plus, she is beautiful enough to dress like a guy, see? we recycle shirts at advhaus but stay out of my underwear drawer!

yes i am sick of this shirt too. seeing it. not IT the royal it because it is so cute. it’s like my brazenhead uniform. uh oh, she’s drinking at the brazenhead tonight.

nice patio.

feed the monster sun.

fresh air and weird drinks. this weekend is my last fun ride then it’s all stringent consumption til my film debut. who is my love interest in the cast? if this dude is skinnier than me i am going to be a full on psycho for the next month.

ok back to passively attempting to clean up this sty. what are you dweebs up to?


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  1. oh he is a cutie dear friend! remember DON’T FUCK HIM hahaha you dont have to post this comment.

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