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Valley of the Doll Raymis

HATE the hat.

haha so suicide girls.

ladies, commit to it.

there’s white crinoline beneath the skirt. uber hot tease.

will get a close up.

super mega goony. F.

i belong on a disney cruise.


*ps i look extra tired lately cos i am malnourished and getting thinner. women look haggard when they get skinnier, then you get used to it or i dunno, your base becomes standard and then you start to look healthier.

6 thoughts on “Valley of the Doll Raymis

  1. small snacks like carrots & almonds
    an apple slice with peanut butter
    small yogurt
    small cottage cheese
    1 oz of cheese on whole wheat cracker
    piece of fruit
    no drinking

    these are the things that keep you fueled and less cranky throughout the day, and healthy looking in the face
    and less tired,less deppressed

    better than starving yourself

    Love that costume
    very cute

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