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Minx at the Movies: The Dilemma

as you’re reading this post we’ll be watching the flick. (ps. yellow kitty is the name of my nail polish seen in this video here, no i am not mental and “just saying” yellow kitty for fun but maybe i will from now on).

spoiled girl. the clear swarovski ring is too big, must go back and exchange.

i have to look on sanrio to see which character this bunny is. totally counterfeit. awesome.

searching for new coffeetable.

nice coral hoodie from the style exchange jam i went to. lovely, cosmetic, snug and roomy.

swag haul. good thing i didn’t give in to victoria secret. underwear for days. which is funny cos i haven’t worn underwear IN days.

yup that’s right ya hosers.

actually no, everything is what it appears.

another thing lifted off my presence. weird coincidences i notice, ever notice? does it happen to you too? just check the preview for this movie and get back to me if you know your hero raymbo.

i am a wiener. not to be confused with whiner. that’s you.

love it.

this was a neat experience. one, i feel old as hell. two, large and in charge simultaneously? i see that i may have to pass the blog baton torch off to a little raymi at some point in time.

mega stereos fan. just thirteen. she did not get one of my cards haha. first in line won a shirt signed by the band.

hello kitty shirt. nice.

moms and dads and kids. bizarre. i got gawked a ton. no i am nobody it’s ok relax. haha.

blondgalina. swag hag. i have hot pink hair dye now, and green, blue. giving melodie the blue. brennen said if i dye my hair pink (or partial) i’ll wreck it. sigh. i want a few temporary baby pink streaks.

it was nuts. people just like, record anything, or, this band is actually popular? i felt really foreign and not with it. it was nice to walk away from eaton center afterward, away from mall culture. even though my soul is suburban it’s nice to remember why i left the suburbs. ka-blammo! (gun to the head sound effect) i mean seeing wimpy hipsters calmed me, artists, freaks, all walks. i need the metropolis and to be swallowed up by it.

another eye-rolling moment stuffed in my face. one of the girls on stage for the event said that this store across the mall is running a deal blabbity blah…love stereos too..etc yawn, as if that’ll work, and so blatant and lo and behold, shit worked, mad line-up of tweens with mad disposable income, you can tell them anything. so there you have it store launchers, sister up with someone else’s promotion and make a mass deal on your goods. don’t say i never did nothin’ for ya. i should go by two cents raymi.

this drink pretty much ended my engagement. also, i think this is borderline illegal (in canada) to advertise alcohol in such a manner that encourages (and suggesting to wholeheartedly!) one to get even more blasted by combining intoxicants, no? some bars have to remove their interior signage (posters) advertising deals that get you power-drunk a la happy hour to get you in there and staying in there. as for this white trash mimosa billboard, it was referred to as something else i no longer recall, the smirnoff sugar with the beer in the sun combo renders you MANGLED.

ok movie time byeeeee!

11 thoughts on “Minx at the Movies: The Dilemma

  1. i love love love your hair dude its looking so fantastic. also those blue pants SHEESH so good

  2. when i become more of a functioning better human being friends i am sending u a huge package, no, just bringing everything with and a letter from 5 months ago where nothing is even happening like its contents reveals. time capsule raymi.

  3. Pink is the hardest to bleach back out. If it’s not completely impossible. It’s also the best though, so obviously just leaving it that way is actually the number one option :p

    Option number two is blue. Blue comes out super easy a lot of the time, sometimes just with enough washing (depends).

  4. me too!! YES. my bro and sil are coming july 14 for 3 days so maybe after that? i’ll be on the deck so really any time is good :)!

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