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right here right meow!

lisa and i are going to pick up where the new kids left off. i am already on board with adopting the rat tail, afterall.

we caught up with her on ossington and saw her pink pants immediately then started screaming out pink pants PINK PANTS PINK PANTHER! at her.

me this morning aka WHY IS RAYMI AWAKE THIS EARLY? EDITION. passport office dealings with finally. i paid extra to have it ready by the 9th. pick-up. the mail may or may not be striking, which was the glitch i stumbled upon saturday amid cuckoo bananas errands afternooning. having a trip booked looming over you without your docs in order, uhmm, stressful. real people stuff is hard.

yesterday morning chez le motion room. going to be after some new gym duds all around new fitness attire (HOOK IT UP) as i have shrunken and am swimming in loose lycra and i want to show my flat gymnast physique off and like save babies from burning buildings and shit.

bought some yuppie chow haha wait isnt that an actual dog food brand? i was just ripping on yuppies, oh, ok, right, puppies. got it.

i have gone over in my head how to address this or whether to numerous times and have come to the conclusion that “i don’t give a” is the best route and maybe nevermind? no i didn’t eat the whopper but it was amazing to see a man walk up to you with a shopping bag full of whoppers. hey, you gotta make friends somehow.

pre mac was weirded out by teacher’s face. she is used to his glasses. i have been championing face time all along so it’s nothing new to me now. well, to be honest, i rock a bit of shyness so i don’t stare at people i spend a lot of time with in the face much, maybe some quick sneaks here or there but i don’t make habit of staring problems OH MY GOD YOU COMPLETE ME LET ME STAAAAAAARE INTO THE VERY BELLY OF YOUR SOUL (unless i am on mdma). so hi face, with me now, is like, yeah i know, finally, thaynks. i know i sound like a monster and that is because i am. but he’s annoying too ok. we’re starting to turn on each other cos we don’t spend any time apart.

and i am turning into an adorable potato with a ponytail. i tame ponies bareback and i have a whip. sorry i think the diet redbull and grapefruit and coffees are making me a little erratic.

and then prosecco.

and people watching.

i tan too easly. that is bad. that means my skin isn’t strong. it means i have to move to miami. i am fine with that. i’ll look good as leather. ahahah ew!

i like when he looks slavic. it makes me think i am always on vacation or involved with a gangster. i assume everyone european is up to no good on the sly. fucking hot! at the passport office when we were looking at my old one where i look like a natasha straight from interpol i started making that joke and then stopped. dude was nice as hell and approved my photos which might cut my hair off a bit, a no no. i also stopped at saying i got them done in a variety store. legit licensed passport photog so no worries.

eggplant. i didn’t have a piece til it was stone cold at the very end, the last piece and it was STILL magnificent.

meatballs. um what is an italian word i can spell? bellisimo.

i am a salad snob. this was good enough. pear walnut some kind of cheese arugula, not mind blowing, not bad either. my trainer went here with his wife two fridays ago, we suggested reserving cos it would be slammed. he did and it was. they had a good time. i’ve only ever been here to eat once before, with the beast.

bumped in lil jenie stewart, babe. she and casie have the same oomph factor going on it was like casie in the vessel of jenie, made me miss casie. hi!

cheese board. teacher liked cowbell better. he is a food snob now. he is a legit snob to begin with but loves the opportunity to BE that, and more. i’m like woooooah now what? yeah i liked cowbell’s better. made me realize how nice i am maybe, a yes girl lots and where is that getting me, huh!? where!? (remember i am having an identity crisis right meow).

espresso poured over chocolate ice cream, gelati? i dunno but i could see through time pupils instantly dilated and your report that’s due tomorrow i did it yesterday and wrote 40 blog posts in a second. major pick-me-up.

teacher’s visa was left at rhino (that hole)(that i had been bashing the night prior on twitter lol great one baby) i’m like great now they can find us and THEN the genius leaves it behind. i call them from the table here, it’s there, and we picked it up on our way home with the cab outside and the meter off cos i coo’d southern belle innocence at the driver. i am a detective.

new tray, table cloth and jug for upstairs. you have to climb two flights of stairs up and down again to the kitchen to bbq to loungers and back again so i want lots of pretty trays.

and we have a penchant to be slovenly so we need all the help we can get. i tend to get a little bit fucking insane when it gets messy around here.

and then i was starting to pass out on the couch, it wasn’t even 9 blaaha bold face lie i cannot even tell time and look at the big giant clock up there, to me, 10.30 may as well be 9pm, early. whatever. maybe. too early to be cool. so i get up and at ‘em and say maybe i should put on that raggedy anne outfit if you go get it for me. he moved so fast i think he teleported himself there and back again.

i think he has better pics, i’ll check afterward. i wanted to get one i actually liked to tweet tease but wasn’t happy with anything (tired delirium) so eventually he looks at me and says (STUPIDLY!) (tired of snapping photos) this is boring.

oh really. it is? i’m sitting at the other end of the couch from him (granted he did take some pics with his iphone to appease me) but yeah, in the future if you feel like telling a chick in a disney princess sex costume that “this is boring” you might want to have your head examined.

i felt stupid and pride stung (not really just an opportunity to start and win a fight) so i sat forward and began unzipping my minnie mouse clown suit and he was like UH OH. ahahahhaha. i was not about to have a showdown dressed like minnie fucking mouse.

yup. super boring. lol. playing with dolls. meh. aw poor teacher.

see? i look like shit. how often do you wear a dumb dress like this? never. we bought it weeks ago. of course i want to exploit myself in it on my blog tomorrow morning and that photo is not good enough. another please.

i still look kinda shitty (which i will feel when i finally look at his pictures and see that i look beauty star disney princess amazing in them).

and here? goddamn comatose. unusable (using anyway to prove point). i am totally almost zonked out like kurt cobain nodding off on heroin during a rolling stone shoot. it happened. see how i am tired from my life? now that i am fit i am going to just sit around like a useless statue in an apron and only get up or flinch if someone calls my name otherwise, zzzzz. he wishes i got the bee on which also coincidentally on saturday there’s a bee party up in the sticks that madysin is having. kid will be there dude i don’t think that outfit would be appropes.

oh and i eat dog food now too so, that is also awesome.

too bad it didn’t say the gza is lord.

ugh glad that’s over. muggy and hot and babies screaming everywhere. my clerk was the best though hi michael!

tomorrow i am going to the new style exchange at the eaton center (between 2-5pm) i love that store, they have everything. had a $500 shopping spree on new year’s eve at their montreal location. rabbit fur vest $160, docs also $160 and a onesie jumper. shared the rest with my entourage. i am pumped they have a location here as i have given up on fashion. come with me afterward we can get DTD at jack astors or whatever that place that looks over YDS is. gift bags!

ps. you can comment during the day free of registration. at night i turn that back on cos of spam. i want this blog to get it to fuckingether arg!

6 thoughts on “right here right meow!

  1. I’m still shaking my head at how that turned out, but rest assured, little Raymi’s, my intentions last night were purely debaucherous. the disney princess sex costume had taken over all my rational thought, and anything not directly related to jumping that girl was off my radar.

  2. Both of the Stewart sisters were meant for supermodeling. Too bad my camera’s broken, but you guys are so far away as it is. One of these days I’ll make another trip to Toronto, where everyone is beautiful and the streets are always clean, and say ‘hello’ in person.

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