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fear is number one motivator of all things in life

*re: fear – they don’t actually say that, i just made it up on the spot cos i can ad lib like a mawfuhcka. i’m sure someone’s said it at some point in time before. anything can be a motivating factor in life, that saying is endless and limitless but only if you say it in a euro accent like me or milla’s voice in zoolander. i think the video from above is friday’s work? guh! i just don’t know anymore i live in a vacuum that makes groundhog day look like a century’s worth of daily variety.

indoor rainbow!

i can’t sell this shirt. it’s the only one i have here. i am wearing it to a meeting later on and i wore it last night. just kidding i’ll wear DIFFERENT rags later.

you know what’s cool? a washboard stomach.

face pick attack daywear. i have my cardigan buttoned up over my cranium and the hat on to keep it in place with one button undone to see my monitor. smart. i am jungle-ready, desert equipped.

he’s trying to pin it on me that i can’t “find him” in photos when in all actuality, he just over poses. it’s taken me a decade to get it right and i still end up looking ridiculous most times. just kidding, i am awesome and nail it in every shot. ok my next vlogstar will be a photo pose tutorial. teacher goes to school sans specs now i bet the girls are perving out. he told me he calls his students monkeys until the last 2 weeks (twelves) then he refers to them as humans. i said i would HATE him as my teacher, as i was actively “human” in highschool getting my mack on with adults secret lifestyles and then to be undermined by some scenester teacher? fuh-ck that.

i look like shit and rightly so, this weekend was quite boozy and sunny. it feels like it was only yesterday still. thanks to fake monday, tuesday, being yesterday. i’ve been wearing scarves for coats lately. mel said it’s the best accessory in paris, coincidentally. also it glams up my shit show of an i don’t give-a outfits. burlap sack? scarf it up! ready to roll.

i look forty and cancer-battling, a prequel to the movie cocoon plus grandma grey hair, uh, awesome?

restaurant groupie. i bet he asked spice route for a tshirt too.

holiday monday deadsville. way better than all the other places along king that i’ve dumbly gone to on a holiday industry night worst ever evening for eating out. our waiter was a bit mangled too, fucking with us slightly, then thought i was flirting with him so commenced hovering me good and plenty. we were tweaked to begin with so it weirded us out and got annoying. i should no longer be permitted to speak to servers.

dark as hell. good for dates and hiding and spying, bad for pics. they bumped up the lights once the entrees came.

my beetlejuice shrimp.

teacher has an aversion to shrimp and seafood, it’s an oshawa thing probably. he grew up eating dirt rocks and twigs ahahaehhe kidding. picky eaters and me (will eat anything) oh boy, work in progress.

i want to make my own creme brulee. once i learn how to make a cake june 8 with carole. join me!

i’m writing another book, it’s like memoirs of a geisha except called BUILDING A PRINCESS.

and i write it everyday, it’s called this blog.

new plant for my deck jungle. curb side score. hope it was actually garbage/don’t care if it wasn’t it’s every yuppie for ‘emself in libville. lulz.

double bitch dose. aaand i’m wearing that shirt again.

nice girls now.

baja soft tacos addiction now over. still good just over it.

the fille is back.

next time i might not wear naked shirt on such a breezy day. shit’s goin’ down on wysteria lane.


retard in a box. i bought them new food and treats so now i am their lord for real. i will try not to let the power go to my head.

6 thoughts on “fear is number one motivator of all things in life

  1. I just registered to comment on your blog and that’s most likely the only thing I will accomplish this evening. Not downplaying it though — I think it’s a major accomplishment.

  2. hahahaha the wisteria lane part
    HAHAHAHAH do you like it when i point out the parts i like
    me = high

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