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ps. do you want to learn how to make a cake? i do. i want to learn how to do everything EVERYTHING. inclusive of that would be cake making obviously, i wouldn’t be perfect if i couldn’t make a huge retarded cake and i will be learning from the very best of the best Carole of Carole’s Cheesecake fame. i think you should come too. it will be covered (photographed) (the class i attend) JUNE 8 and JUNE 15 are your dates to select from AND you leave with a cake, doesn’t have to be the crappy cake you make necessarily, leave with one carole made and then say you made it, why not, you paid for the class right? people pay for lies all the time i imagine. anyway all the info is on her site. i am excited. good activity and experience for you and your mom or girl’s day thing, gourmet cheesecakes? come on. don’t even. michael will be there (carole’s husband) and he reads my blog everyday, so this means he has exceptional taste. you must meet him.

date night last night. every night is date night with princess pants right? we went to spice route to douche watch. there weren’t many to watch unfortunately. only when i looked in my purse mirror HAY-O!


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