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got it made in the shade lemonade

the patio is making it very difficult to get anything done. no captions here brah. sorry. mel’s over and i’m starving now. wings or burgers tonight? bad girl.

my dad the artist.

and now my aunt’s pics.

look i’m picking my ear! i still do that! wicked!

how often do you water hibiscus?

5 thoughts on “got it made in the shade lemonade

  1. make sure you poke/drill/stab drainage holes in the bottom of the pot/container
    ’cause some plants you buy from the store (like Ikea in my experience!) don’t have ‘em in the bottom of the container, and it makes the plant doomed to die! (…their roots rot)

    when you do water, give it a good soak until water seeps out the bottom, that’s how you know the roots are quenched

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