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more of the week in review

i wanna go flower pickin’. it staff

the park. crazy woman lives on this end unit apparently. called the dog catcher. i can take her off leash and she won’t take off on me. i’ll try that in bellwoods.

considered picking the garbage weed away.

spoke to my literary agent here as stella crapped, i was in my marathon shoes which i can’t wear in the rain cos they have holes that intake water, the grass was sopping wet. ugh stella!


laziest dog ever.

cole’s mozarrella

i am a gingerbread kink satiated.

all the girls be jocking this shirt hard.

i really love these glasses.

these are fashionista dinkhead glasses. like on fashion television, some eccentric designer with stork feathers and too high bangs. ya pass.

still want these. i look like a flasher. i walked the dog like a flasher the other day in my army coat and short shorts, no shirt. so don’t give a.

we keep it homoerotic up in hurr.

to cowbell. i was straving insane. lets go here no there no mitzis ok i’ll call lucas no fuck that i ugh aghh arg. one track mental mind when i am starved.

i went to mail this on saturday and they’re like might be striking you need to go to the passport office. HOW SICK ARE YOU OF HEARING ABOUT MY PASSPORT PROBLEM it’s like i am a fucking idiot or something here (i am) honestly do you think charlie fuckin sheen fills out his own damn documents? no! exactly!

it was neat being waited on by the beauties, i shook my ass in his music video after all. you see the drake’s owner motion to me at the bar in it too. i have a meeting with them on wednesday best not forget. anyway ordered charcuterie, up there top right looks like sliced olives? nope. duck hearts. everything else is various sausages and i forget everything else. we’re on a french kiss cuisine vibe, which we haven’t watched yet. everyone suffers from my tunnel vision until it is quenched unfortunately. he went to the blockbuster on dupont and an old couple bought the last copy, i bet there are copies at indie stores around the city but like i have time to do that, it’s out of reproduction now too.

carpaccio. lots of meat this night. peckish and insane calls for meat.

that’s kim chi. neat pairing. i’d never think to do that.

same wine we had in collingwood. corking fee $25.

it got harder to fill out.

monks make that ashy cheese in SILENCE. far out guy! we chewed it in silence out of solidarity. it’s my favourite.

the gelatin thing is pickled watermelon. has a mulled flavour. so good. the cheese blob beside it was delicious as was the thing on the other side nice and crumbly.

haven’t seen this yet.

what is up my chitlens?

he’s like, the beastie boys rapped about this. sold. but turns out maybe it was eminem. i dunno. ok NOW i bathe then where should we go tonight, long weekend city dining is always MISS and i don’t want to be pissed off tonight. suggest please. is supermarket open today?

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