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(inaugural) TEACHER’S TOP 5 DAILY

ps this is pretty much the world that we live in.

and now we are looking at fireworks photos and drunk videos from last night while i do my nails in the tub. which pink shade do i do, malibu barbie pink or baby pink? ooh la la it’s cottage twilight day time drunk hour. it feels weird cos i don’t have to work out tomorrow morning, which will be everybody else’s monday morning, which i had THIS morning so i can be a disaster all i want wuh-oo!

dear life: game on.

update: going with baby pink

psst. strung out sunday MONDAY EDITION! aka monday drunk. happy may two four (queen victoria’s birthday for my american pals).

5 thoughts on “(inaugural) TEACHER’S TOP 5 DAILY

  1. happy may 24! i remembered the liquor store was closed all by myself. miss you anyway.

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