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vacay in the city is that okay

it’s true, black forest cake IS an abomination to all things cake. there’s why.

gotta go, lying in the sun, can’t really see the screen have to enjoy this day as it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and also have to magically clean the tower whilst enjoying said sun. watched the roommate last night, holy cuckoo bananas and exact same premise as SWF, to which i am also an expert as i’ve got TONS of single white females up in ma grill. ew i just took an ancient pillowcase off of an even ancienter pillow and i have never seen a more disgusting pillow. this is why i am spring clean beaver fever insane, guy has been living like a bachelor sans pretty princess and so there is a lot of work to do (family coming over tomorrow did i say that already?) on top of honeymoon slob stage that happens, double disaster. stella keeps territorial pissing (hey that’s a nirvana song) everywhere (even though i take her out daily and bag her shit) intermittently, is it an aging thing? i am not a dog person so, but don’t worry, there’s two retarded cats here also to fill that void. lady garbage has a song now, to the tune of lady madonna, with garbage at her feet. the other one, her eyes look in opposite directions and i love it.

i must be a really old person like prehistoric times old (‘notha lives and shit) cos i am into legs on dudes, dude’s legs whom when in their underwear look all neanderthal manly hot. like so.

ahh can’t stop blogging.

drive to tmr.

when the sun goes down this post will go up. my neck is already getting broiled. sunstroke!

ahhhh he just put the umbrella up i can see now! no more glare.

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