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ok friday lets do this

this sunset brought to you by mcdonalds.

i told the teacher the story about the first day i wore these tube flops. what an event. it’s like floating 3D acid trip arrows were all hovering around my legs pointing down, NEW ITEM! LOOK! i practically ran home from the dovercourt starbucks with my bodum passed the parkdale regular fare also totally like what!!? about my fluorescent in their face feet. tubular.

gahah what is that? it’s like a rainbow bright fitness warlock.

no i think i’m steering more toward dog the bounty hunter territory now. i mean, i can run and we both have wavy blond hair and all kinds of weird shit dangling off us. flare. flair? meh. this joke is over.

you are dating hello kitty. what is that like?

scary, intense, awesome, like dating a pile of pink sugar what speaks. i think largely why i get away with showing my tits is because i don’t have any. i can’t tell you how many people mistake me for a guy on youtube. f-rs.

this hoodie is now too big for me a little. it’s my elliot (ET) hood.

teacher wants it back in rotation. teacher teacher teacher haha. i will consider it.

watched charlie sheen’s winning recipes video (i love it)(yes OLD). half the gibberish that spills out of him man, hilarious. so raymi. good thing i don’t smoke.

yep. gonna be a good summer.

i sense mystery camera’s fullness but i just flipped on MY laptop and nothing happened. i’m using teacher’s new macbook pro. trying to get over mac learning curve. ARG. ACK!

casie’s blog gave me the idea for roof grass. but fake, astroturf. good idea?

check my calf muscle i’m not even flexing it that’s normal stance. GYMNASTY FANTASY.

lesbo soccer bait.

having some family over sunday means must clean everything. EH VEH RAY THEENG. i feel like a bike ride. i must prepare myself for my work out now. i am ready for them (it’s tyler’s first real work out). i am listening to someone precariously slide/shove a piece of junk mail under the door right meow cos i won’t answer it and stella keeps low growl/barking and i keep shushing her in my underwear. COOL MOMENT!

4 thoughts on “ok friday lets do this

  1. I have a beautiful orange tight hoodie for you by Jones of NY
    Im waiting for bunny vest with flower purse
    Your zen perfume is in my car

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