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can’t wait to burn this ratty string bikini

i love my new office.

make all your emails to me awesome, you never know, i may just reply in vlog-form. haha i’m playing this right now and stella is looking around for me even though i’m sitting right here my voice is being broadcast directly INSIDE HER MIND.

hahahaha flattering. don’t worry, new ‘kinis are coming my way. wonder if i should stay tan lineless this year? should i make my signature tan lines again for the movie? maybe i should ask them first and now that it’s back to raining we have at least one more day of alabaster on our hands.

i cannot believe how long this phone has lasted me. it’s going to totally blow up soon. i am such a cheapskate procrastinator waiting on shannon and i’s schedule to align so i can take her unused blackberry off her. speak of the devil my phone rang and then said reset app and now it’s hourglassing its balls off on me now shit. i bet it was teacher calling. yes bring home more presents you don’t have to call to ask me about that.

vive le shithead.

i call for doing nothing tonight!

3 thoughts on “can’t wait to burn this ratty string bikini

  1. would have been nice of you to stand up so I can see what that dress looks like.

    I think that Stella thinks shes on the same playing field as you

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