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now she’s gone love burns inside me

yesterday was great, liquid foodwise. i did it. i prevailed. going in for round two today. ok well, at midnight i had a tiny handful of onions i cooked. i think of all the cleanse days that day one of fasting, so many juices, the nutrients they provide, i’ve had the least bitchy coursing through me. i felt full and stronger of will and mind, more than halfway through now, today is day ten. the other bonus to this cleanse is you have sobriety clarity which in actuality equates zero patience and full hyperactivity. you ask someone a question and immediately roll your eyes waiting for a response, irritability and annoyance ok that was supposed to be a bonus somehow. you’re just sharp, very sharp.

going to yuk yuk’s tonight with casie. i will sit there like medusa staring unblinking, vibing out the comics. no kidding. please put us in the front row. i gotta email my contact.

gonna make like ling and bai! (bai ling? that joke was for one person only).

5 thoughts on “now she’s gone love burns inside me

  1. Oh yes, I knew who you were talking about, crazy girl with the nips. I just thought it was neat that her name becomes ‘bailing’, which is what you said you were doing, basically. Wow I overthink much too much

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