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i am Royal Tea Royalty

here’s ma pics.

seat buddy pics.

not so much torture for me now i dunno why i pretend it’s hard to turn down food. your stomach and hunger goes away, shrinks. on the inside and the outside. today i fast. juice/shakes only, liquid food. got two big fresh juices to go.

jen looked fab.

papz urrywhere.

hands were trembling a little. because i was so excited about the wedding of course. ha.

glad i missed the cocktails. phewf.

is anyone getting any work done today?

go joey d. missed your rendition of white wedding on the accordion.

two can play at that game though i trust the ones of me are way TMI than this.

i begged casie to eat this poor thing. she wouldn’t.

bad idea those shoes but they look the part but partly stupid with this dress however totally last thing you look at when i’m coming toward you in the street. blisters galore now which would make me flip flop ready, right?

it was hard to talk to people in this hat when i was trying to speak to the windows people at a table i had to do a 180 from head to head to head. note to self: not a networking hat.

lots of dressed up girls camwhoring in the bathroom. loved it. little dolls everywhere.

next time i wear this my hair will be up in a prissy bun with a few subtle flower diamond trinkets.

there’s the one and i’m not sucking lemons my face is a bit gaunty. i dunno.

how grand and gotham is the windsor arms? quite.

oh brother here we go.

um can i be sent to modeling posing school for a day? these ones you have to give me a break on though as i have barely a second to jump back before the pic snaps.

blahaha doofy flats. tweenager flats. total tool flats. office lunch party android flats.

i just got an idea for my next video. i answered some questions for an upcoming article for something or other and the guy started drunk emailing me last night haha and said he showed my blog to his girlfriends and they’re all into it and said OMG i just spent 20 minutes watching her dance. nice. hi girls!

i love your blog so much you are so addictive i sent it to my little pixie friends and they are all like omg i just spent 20 minutes watching her dance.

ah. its all part of something.

anyway goodnite

you should come to ****** sometime it would be epic

it’s my cafe

i think i might die though

okay enuf

i’m sorta



please ignore last teen boy email.


No I loved it haahaha

really really super digging my nella clutch. versatile london bag. what kind did you walk away with from tarek’s party?

nothing like gift bags. an item in mine i am giving to my dad for father’s day. he will LOVE it and it will match one of the items i gave him on the present shrine shelf in the kitchen.

saw lauren wearing that pimp tea hat. awesome.

pink gadgets ma fave.


chris is that your hat or theirs? i like it. bold.

purple and green always look great together. jen is teeny weeny. love her.

cas and i swapped gifts i think she has enough gadgets and cameras. plus she has a big one for the royals.

crap aim.


that’s all for now. turrah.

oh i could go for a london fog right about meow.

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