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weird request sequel

tucked them in for a change.

my mung beans. pretteh.

remember this exchange? he replied.

Well, this was a very different, unique, unusual, and most importantly open minded thought i had, plus i dont actually have any sisters and i’ve always wanted one. So as a result i came up with this special sort of relationship where it could be possible to be brother and sister even though we are obviously not blood related. I would NOT want this to be just some online thing and as well, i would want to eventually become really really close. What do you think?

again what do i get out of this?

this kid is annoying me now. the answer is give me one thousand dollars and i’ll be your sister for a week. it will be meaningful. loads. ha sha’right.

i love their dedication to this sparkly pink rock scattering. going on YEARS now. endless amounts of fraggly whimsical rocks at a florist’s.

that shit cheers me up. don’t tell anybody though. i have an ocd reflexive need to LOOK at these every time i pass, even if in a car. just to make sure no one kicked them away.

sigh. a little bit of adorable on a gloomy day. unique and innovative. good idea for a garden wedding.

that trucker fucker was doing piggish wolfing at me so i scared him taking a pic (was actually shooting the fluorescent lights). he turned into a statue. you can call up a company and tell them their driver grossed you out totally right? not that i have the time for it but still, is there something about being high up in a rig’s cab that makes you insano-horny? there must be some lot lizards reading from their verizon phones in the states right now who can answer this.

my back definition is great. my bacne? not so much. HELP!

someone cleaned their room guess who?

here’s a hint: has skinny ankles like me and insults everyONE. hahaha. also rolls toasted pecans sprinkled in cinnamon into goat cheese ohmyfuuuugmgdlukghdsuifdsbvflbL! she also says it pee-kawns.


3 thoughts on “weird request sequel

  1. How do YOU say pecans? Like pee caaaaaans? It was toasted almonds on the goat cheese and caramelized pecans salted with cinnamon grilled pears on brie, btw.

    Ugh, time for new pillows.

  2. that doesn’t sound like a guess to me. ok more clues. this MYSTERY bedroom’s owner thinks salt solves all cuisine’s problems and hurt my mung bean’s feelings and we (mung beaner and i) take her abuse cos she might be our only friend. sniff.

  3. wow…that guy is uh…freaking out there.

    I say Pee-kawns…but I say Avondale as Aw-vohn-dale so I’m probably not one to go by.

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