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high on life tea

stylist of the week is none other than g’s fine foods. i used to live around the corner, so does my aunt, she bought this here. money went to tibet for it. i miss my old neighborhood a lot.

almost went in and showed it off but felt insane enough in this hat (that makes it impossible to talk to people all floppy and shit).

It’s hard being a lady of such class and sophistication surrounded by peasants. (this caption is by blogslave ahahaha).

do not pose like this.

i was flexing my tit muscles to keep that baby up. i would have had it looser if we were in jamaica or something. when i bent down in the variety store later on it opened 4 times in front of a man trying to read a magazine i didnt’ realise, i had retied it multiple times. bloor street was feeling me and feeling slobbish in comparison and i had to walk slowly cos i was getting blisters from my nana shoes. i shoulda walked all queeny down palmerston too. apparently they cleaned that street up specifically for her which is why it’s gorgeous and has narnia lamp posts. please tell me of another street in toronto that has lamp posts like that.

casie‘s beautiful pic.

anna and lil miss o’nizz.

hi y’all gentleman (southerny drawl) the name’s dusty swanson. AGAHHAHa

mom: is this your passport photo?

raymi: no mom it’s my graduation photo

mom: what did you graduate from?

raymi: strip class*

*some girl liked this on facebook ha nice burn.

mom: k thats it, I don’t want to hear that kind of thing

raymi: its a joke get a life

just happenedd by this and need to renew my passport. i’m like uhm are you legitimate? then a dude comes in to wait for his turn and im adding tons of makeup on and fixing my hat hair he was super annoyed but i ignored him completely. this shit lasts five years, mega important. so glad that one sticking up hair relaxed in time for the shot.

my mom says SHAZAM beneath photos of this ring. please tell her why that’s not ok. thank you.

i couldn’t eat anything in the room so i didn’t. i didn’t eat all day actually. but i could eat strawberries sans whip cream. when i got up to network anna sat down at my seat and ate mine. ha. she’s like raymi i don’t read your blog anymore is it still all about you? i go no anna it’s about you. haha. we have known each other since i was 19. i modeled her underwear once.

see. me arse at 19, might even be better now at 28. imagine that.

nipple pasties for some reason.

my first tickle trunk room in our first adventurehouse.


chocolate tea.

temptation urrywhere.

nice prop.

oh jesus.



skinny fat, hair length makes my face fatter plus smiling. no no.

two big leaguers in one shot. snp et erin bury, notorious and glorious.


this was over my left shoulder the entire time.

that’s my new pink flower ring from stella.

ok looking at my pics now.

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