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cleanse heard round the world: day 8

that’s a goji berry. isn’t goji the greatest word?

see how beautiful jeanette is?

starving starvlor. courtney said to me the other day that i DO eat a lot. i said if you go out why restrict yourself right? eat at every place you go. only for a while though my food benders are over. i might stay a vegetarian for awhile too. this shit is working. only for health reasons not ethics. i’ll buy more furs and leather goods to make up from my lack of consuming animals or maddox can take care of that for me.

fuck that guy is funny i wrote on his wall the other day and then merkley commented WHAT IS THIS 2005? i’m going to visit merkley soon i swear. that’ll be a trip and a half. he said thursday is threesome day. right.

soya or whatever that is so salty to meeeee mmmmmmmmmm i am basically a tape worm on food now. ew ew ew.

that shirt is from le chateau, 2002. remember when being stylish was an actual skill and hard? no h&m’s or UO’s or AA and so on.

banana blueberry goji berries sunflower greens maybe other stuff i forget it was delicious.

what were the seeds? we have a blender here i bought sprouts so maybe i’ll walk to no thrills and get some fruit.

the goji berries were soaked or re-hydrated i think? see how smart i am right now? i do have sober clarity though which is the equivalent of brain injury, lots of energy, highs and lows. total bipolar express CHOO CHOO! i also haven’t had sex in weeks (not feeling it, vow of celibacy, having my iud out cleanse detox you know cut out all the bad at once) so that is making me part lunatic also, and if you do any research on bipolar (teacher did) you’ll find that these people have high sex drives like sex addict level so you can imagine my frenetic state, or don’t now ew. i am super prudish and super sensual. ok back to cleansing right right.

you could also have avocado as your base. i bought one. i’m going to come up with an epic brew.

how nice in a wino glass. i picked mine up and shook it like crazy like i had the DTs. which i experienced yesterday at tea while holding that little dell computer (dudes i NEED a new dell mine is about to explode on me i am serious) i was like woah here come’s the jazz hands. teacher’s dad said he had to go sober while on meds once and day three he noticed his newspaper shaking. awesome visual.

jeanette said you could smother this in tahini. bad move i can’t i bought a tub of it last summer and consumed it all with a spoon in 24 hours. margu-wanna is a hell-o-a durg.

i am getting starved right meow.

i’ve rolled my own sushi before in maine, without the aid of the roller. it is wickedly harder and more frustrating without one.

great roll. you get into your stuff when you’re cleansing, pay more attention to detail. i would and will get really perfectionist about my rolls. 30 seconds before swallowing them whole like a sword.

oh hell ya f–n’ right.

gotta capture me that shit for ma nostalgics, dawg.

next time no rice, all veg until i piss green.

let me halve this beast and pretend for three seconds i am not a pig though i feel as though i should be allowed firstsies as i am restricting and about to black out.

movement pills time. i am no longer scared about these. bring it. you learn how to time it and it’s possible to tell your movements to lay the fuck off! you can save them up and then disappear for three seconds and then reappear ten milliseconds later all done cos it whips out of you like roadrunner. this is why we avoid hot sauce. i’m playing fire with it though because i am cuh-raze.

my fly was down the entire time and i have a billion bags beneath my eyes.

sucking it in hard so bloated but today i am all leaned out. i always forget i have two days of bloating hell only and then skinny town right to period and then even leaner than that afterward. boring bloated blogger talk.

it’s almost easier to take coaching over the phone because i get lost in jeanette’s pretty maybe if she was wearing words it would be easier i am quite visual and becoming more and more ADD like my mom.

had to borrow this for the windiest bikeride home ever. my stomach is going to be a playable usable washboard pretty quick cos it’s what powers my bike as i ride i can’t help but use my core to pedal through gale force winds. my nails look so cute with this mr. rogers cardi so far my fave of all to wear of teacher’s.

speaking of which we had “a talk” last night and everything’s tolerable again. i informed him that i am not his girlfriend, and i don’t want to be in a relationship right now. i got what i want and i am like NO i have lots of shit to do a relationship is too much right now, i can’t expend energy reserves i barely have sparring with another and being the fun activity. he can go dates all he wants as long as i am number one (get to keep the key and throne) so basically he is in a new kind of hell, essentially. he saw that i updated my pof profile so thing’s got testy. i said in the beginning i wasn’t done dating and i was going to continue to do so and if this “relationship” becomes a source of (more) stress for me (which it has) then i have to terminate it like an abortion, i mean, it’s been almost two months. HAY-O! ahem where was i um, so, i haven’t dated, i haven’t seem my friends i am a social pariah and i forgot how to function in the social world my monthish of dropping off the map is overish. i asked him to stop reading my blog as it is restricting my creative output flow and i don’t like that.


joey has the best wrap-up of yesterday’s tea including a shameless shill for yours truly to get a new dell. i’ve held out on buying a new computer cos i feel like i should have one for free, who disagrees? FU in advance. it’s stubborness not poverty.

feels so good too. PC for life.

what a sexy gadget and i actually have to take a break from my dell right now as it’s overheating and going to blow and, dell, i need two new computers actually while we’re at it, one for home and this new duo. does it come in pink? ooh i see red, that’s getting closer.

i taught myself how to do html back in 1964 on a dell when i was 17 years old. i have been a loyal dell consumer for years. bitch you done owe me! DELL you are the car my fingers drive around in everyday. i know you do sponsorships for musicians no one cares about so how about a blogger everyone reads?

one of my tips in HOW TO BE FAMOUS ON THE INTERNET is no money no funny. my alexa ranking trumped everyone’s in that room yesterday. i’ll link you when you deliver the goods. i’m your girl for sponsor.

xoxo minx money out.

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