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things don’t exist until they’re invented so invent them

you will be minxed oh yes.

heartbreaker salon 889 dundas street w. talk to kathy, tell her raymi is your favourite and see what you get (raymi surprise). ;)

booked a last minute appt for high (royal) tea tonight so they couldn’t get me the union jacks in time. oh well. means i get these ones i have coveted since day ONE.

these are hype.

this photo makes my thumb seem more beveled than it is in real life. oh i love this job so much, my job and THIS nail job.

requisite (in the) john shot.

can you imagine this thing coming at you? isn’t this the logo for some hardcore punk band? the misfits? correct me please feel free.

i am a skeleton today. i just weighed myself. fantastic. i am going to be a skeleton this summer from the biking thrown in to my motion rooming.

best of both worlds, black and sleek with pink to satiate my prissy girlness.

there’s my kathy, so cute. she has the cutest sweetest voice too. she did lady gaga’s minxing in her hotel room and said there were tons of shoe boxes lining every single wall of the suite. wicked. i will ask her again how that experience was. loved my QOTSA story and photographic evidence, we exchange groupie stories. she was bummed about one of her idols kicking it. she’s cool, hardcore girl.

haven’t had time to even take them in too busy. sleekest ones yet i’d say. the longer the nail the better they look obvs and the more you get. no more nail biting! i wish.

we start like this.

and this and then under the heat lamp for a bit and then she files off the excess with the glass file. v precise and clean finish then a bit of top coat for extra protection, to prevent peeling. you do not want these guys wet so i don’t have to wash my hands for ten days haha gross.

back-lit who cares i look well defined. this cleanse detox is great!


disaster bike work out hair. don’t worry by the time i’m ready and all together i’ma look like goldie hawn married to bill clinton yup yup. apparently there’s an outfit contest. yikes cruel.

at courtney’s last night. i had a glass of water and was super manic talking her face off then stoic statue then manic again. hilarious and annoying.

most best creamer ever. she got it in the distillery. said there are other kinds. can you picture this at brunch with cream in it. yes. yes i can.

and i don’t even like cream or have it, ever. i have soy now. melodie would love this.

i hope i didn’t give courtney too much of a bitch complex last night. she is rather catty, i love it, but we told her she was bordering rudeness, close to it. not that it matters to me i admire this quality of telling it like it is super sharp and funny, witty. courtney i love you i am glad we are bonding over living v close and conveniently to one another, if you lived in the east end you would be dead to me.

played a few rounds of commie asshole wherein some got surly then we were like ok this is turning into actual REAL asshole here and soon to be known as otherwise by SCRAPHOLE. it was a fun evening. i made them garbage dump drinks cos i couldn’t taste anything. they’re like, THIS one tastes like a bathroom candle. ugh.

court was like oh yeah i forgot you were scary when you played games. i do get a bit yelly and competitive. we’re going to start a risk club. geeks. whatever hot geeks drinking wine and swearing at each other til 4 in the morning playing a game of risk that never ends as if that doesn’t look like heaven.

i told lisa she looked like the best friend of a stressed out wedding shower hostess aka BITCHY and scary. her outfit was very cute and pretty and i felt like a slob. but i always feel like a slob so nothing new.

her two-tone grey socks were a hit and so was her gymnast body and headstand.

this cat’s nails are so sharp they’re like snake teeth which might become her new name. i feel too stupid calling her totoro. that’s just not a word that i like even though she looks like totoro (google it yourself). her paw is clung/stuck to my shirt it’s almost not worth picking her up to have scratches all over my shoulders eventually she detracts them but still, seriously? have we not done this before already? i just pick you up and nuzzle you and you LIKE IT fucking RELAX PLEASE.

hat i’ll be wearing with dress that is stressing me out on how to tie it the best. i bought a black shawl too and a sparkly pink vintage flower ring, all from stella beside easy. i’m going to borrow melodie’s wedding cluth which is so tiny i may as well just bring a handful of air or hold on to my house key ha.

very low energy today but kash helped me out of it she’s a motivator for sure. so is andrew and james of course.

jeff and i, he does some tai chi-ish stuff a lot and cowbell training and some other martial art i forget. he’s a bit smart allecky which is fine by me. i always win though.

bad cop. i should be cast as one for something. i got checked out all over the city today in my little outfit, cop bait too. where everything becomes a jammed clusterfuck at lansdowne/queen i have to weave between all kinds of shitty vehicles, trucks whatever and i was stuck beside a cop on my way here now, two trucks side by side ahead and no room. i was too shy to look but then i took off before we could be eye to eye. they sure had a nice long drink of what my leg backs and arse look like and let me give you a hint, they look GOOD. made it home in time to beat the rain very proud of myself for time budgeting today and now here comes the rain SO dark. totally just jinxed the minx, it’ll be brutal getting to yorkville in this rain now.

sigh. mike’s unicorn paintings. they (courtney and amanda) want one more to make it even. draw your own damn unicorn, girls!

mung beans turned into this. added apple and various spices and sauces, was a bit bland but that’s my fault. they’d be amazing smothered in gravy omfg.

after my monastic day i go downstairs to check the weather and there’s mail. oh i thought this might have been lost, but nope, it arrived safe and sound….

perfect. thanks can’t wait to see you in july babe with your matching J belt buckle haha don’t forget it.

yup. when you cook you look like this.

i got despy.

looks cute.

tally ho!

5 thoughts on “things don’t exist until they’re invented so invent them

  1. I love that you stopped that alchol and sugar for a detox

    but still can’t figure out what you really ate during this time

    And will be so happy when this is over and you are getting all of your proper nutrients once again.

  2. I.. I had something else to say but then I saw the above comment exchange and my heart exploded from adorableness.

    Um.. shoot. I’m sure all I was going to say was something lame about how you look really great, or that creamer thing is amazing… huh.

    Well this is a total waste but it is all typed so here we are.


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