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having more iron in your will is more important than in your food

i’m not one you’d want to get into an indian leg wrestling fight with now THAT has got to be racist right? or is that what it’s a called even? basically what i’m saying is i am all legs and a head.

with well-defined elbows like popeye hey that’s two references for the guy in a day now. good day for him.

proud of this achievement. doing things on a detox is a bit harder.

looked like that before. all crumpled from sleeping with me. WINNING! this is what happens when you live like a gypsy.

this blog title i got from my coach. it’s one of many mottos to repeat to yourself while fasting or cleansing, any kind of restricting. everyone worries if they get enough nutrients or vitamins which is just a BULLSHIT excuse not to fast, making excuses before you even try it out you know? i told brionne’s husband last night (he wants to quit smoking/drinking) that to kill a zombie you have to cut off the head, straight off the bat, i am hardcore dude so you must be to in any form of giving up. don’t cut down to ten smokes a day for a week then 9 then 8, then you won’t be quitting for like a year. fuck that, 3 a day, one in the morning, one mid-day at your choosing and one more before bed. then the next week one a day, then nothing. i am severe right now i consider everybody around me a pussy who smokes i really do, such addicts. hate me all you want. addicts. ha. what i mean is, you either want to quit (you don’t, you just wish there weren’t any repercussions from smoking) or you want to pretend like you might. another tip. don’t hold it off, just DO it. don’t go uh oh may 2-4 is coming up i want to be chainsmoking and drinking for that. realistically if you quit smoking tomorrow there is no chance you will last to may 2-4, if anything you will have quit for one to two weeks tops and no problem you’ll be back on the cigarette wagon again come queen victoria’s birthday weekend, easy. i said this to adam and he was like, yeah totally. for instance you wouldn’t kill a snake by nipping a bit of its tail off, you chop off that thing’s head and skin it like a crazy jungle warrior and for the same token you wouldn’t quit smoking by halving your packs down whittling bit by bit like a nancy cos that isn’t quitting it’s only delaying and pussy footing.

these bad boys in anything. even plain. i lightly dressed them in sesame oil that shit is a secret advhaus ingredient. yummy.

i might start filming unsolicited advice vlogs. good idea?

so much easier to eat with chopsticks. i am einsteining it big time now.

my liver kidney function potion melodie bought cos she is the best. long term it will help me with bloating.

soaking shasha mung beans. i almost burnt the house down twice now today maybe third time’s the charm right now i am simmering them and then i dunno what.

saying jeanette told me yesterday, i was talking about fat guilt or something, fat shame, fat sadness and she said that but put eat before it. i said i wold augment it to DO what you want.

another wonder and amazement is that i haven’t been eating meat i asked jeanette if that is aiding in my weight loss too, cos apparently vegan diets are very skinnying. we soon shall see.

couldn’t get my bb cam to focus on my stark white finger unfortch but it likes to lose all blood and circulation when i’m slightly cold. thanks british roots heehee. can i wear that white shawl with my dress tomorrow? if not then what?

that little red circle dot rug is useless and only stresses me out keeping it clean. i have a hankering for ikea. an ikea idea! not until after cleanse though cos old me can only handle that place drunk, i think i might be too amped these days for any sort of retail. my coach was like, you might start seeing people’s auras soon. oh yeah? far out!

tried it on over my entire clothes i am wearing and it looks pretty good. it better not be rainy tomorrow and make my hair all fluffy and big.

can never get a good shot but see my back definition. thanks TMR.

slightly better/shittier. meh. point is girl is toned. no longer simply stoned.

just saying. i have long legs.

theeeeeeeere we go. ab fabs galore.

and that. crappy. camera batteries died just as i was getting to the good part.

i look like shit in the face but it’s ok. trouble sleeping last night. my room was boiling and stuffy and it was my first time aloner in awhile and even though i had my big bed to myself all my clothes made me sleep like a cramped up tardbag. moron. the nice hot bath i had when i got home was soothing. ok mung beaner time.

7 thoughts on “having more iron in your will is more important than in your food

  1. I want some of those green things your eating, what are they again!?

    Also, please do unsolicited advice vlogs, so I can girl crush on you a little more plz and thx.

  2. yeah you are definitely right on the quitting thing. Anything else is an excuse. I dragged the quit smoking thing out forever until one day I realized I needed to just stop. And I did. Cold.

    Take charge!

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