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not that it matters or that anyone cares

but you have to register and log in to leave a comment and i don’t really know what that means or entails so have fun and good luck. the reason for this annoyance is that i am being assaulted by spam right now and i don’t want to wake up to 43507000 email comment notifications of spam and have to then delete them all individually from my blackberry and then lose my f–ing mind. cleanse day 6 tomorrow! that’s me eating seaweed. it’s a beauty food and obviously its magical properties take effect immediately.

that’s my plaid shirt. i’ve had it since i was 18, from black market. saw a dude try it on and put it back then snatched it then he went back for it and i was buying it hahah sucker. i’ll compile a set of photos of me wearing it over the years.

had them back late to drink all the booze save for a bottle of white wine for easter supper the next day. i was wired and not drunk at all. just enjoying my mates. teacher was there briefly but kashed out after his long tenure of DTD.

melodie said she was proud of me. i want her and jeanette to meet this week and get on like golden girls or some bonding type shit, meeting of the nutritionist herbalist tea health expert minds right there then i can disappear to the tickle trunk and talk to myself on tumblr. i slipped jeanette a packet of melodie’s tea today to get the cosmos ball rolling.

wearing this shirt when luc shows up is funny cos it’s his shirt and then he talks about how he saw it on my blog last week. everyone always gets a bit testy when they see their threads on their bud, but also we love it too but still it’s like NO i made that person over there before me they were just, nothing, that shirt. made them. i tell you. luc was here i just don’t have a not blurry photo of him.

this was a bloated tummy day for me but who cares wouldya look at my adorable face. i’m not even wearing under eye make up too i went out nakesy-eyes. i’ll even let you further inspect. i love mel’s sweater vest too. you can see her buzzed head, very chic punk.

and now i look like a dweeb and this would be the rest of courtney’s night from ab fab to why the hell am i in this kitchen so laaate.

um because it is the best that’s why. everyone made fun of me for cooking too like, they’ve never seen me cook before, have no idea that i know how to do it (it’s because the kitchen is always trashed from you guys duh) and so i made something out of nothing for them and they were impressed. it actually tasted like chinese food. can i say that? is chinese food racist yet? no i guess not. yes it tasted like it came from china except from my pan in parkdale but everyone was drunk so i’m sure anything would taste like chinese food then mmm chinese food why did i go here?

oh stu. such a catch. gay boys, check stu out.

guh-uh-orge day.

it made me a bit crazay a little. i get hyper when it gets warm but i have ten million things to do before i can go outside not ready yet type of crazy (agoraphobia problem) harmless crazy. when i get a new laptop i will not live in a cave anymore.

my room was a mess, half my stuff the higherly-rotated clothes all needed a washing, this warm day came out of nowhere. so balmy. loved it. anyway here’s why the dork shorts. circus shorts. totally.

my allergies bothered me a little bit.

multiple great views.

lisa’s genteel lady fingers and orthodox wife outfit. black tights in the sun.

and apparently my shirt is made from the same material as tights.

i hung out for as long as i could stand not drinking. warm days, first day of spring warm days equates drinking on a patio and drunk by two pm. these guys lapped my sobriety at brunch. i had to run away home to my messy room and collect stuff i wanted for teacher’s place then i walked there on my own and got the dog and took her out for awhile. i am digging outdoor healthy activities. who wants to be my running partner, bike, hike all that too.

before taking stella out. the less drinking the more i fiddle with cameras i suppose. blogging is my drinking i told the teacher at one point saturday afternoon.

i need to do whatever it takes to focus on my cleanse and avoiding temptations, throwing myself into my work pretty much, work and fitness.


lisa’s and she barely ate any of it. killing meeeee here.

turns out i had a pic of what i ate before i ate it. those green grilled tomatilles were very nice i can barely remember they went down so fast and that other thing would be my side of hot peppers sans hot peppers. it’s sprouts (clearly) and they were good but kinda dismal no, why not a bigger one? i want to make a salad restaurant, like salad king except actually salads (seriously what were you grape nuts? where are the grapes, or nuts???)(i’ll never tire of that joke) for all the people like me out there who need 16 flavours going on in one salad at all times.

i felt maje sheepish about my order and embarrassed. how do you look tireder earlier but then better as the day goes on and then by 4am i looked like a bleedin’ cherub?

sooo smart to use a pop art green straw with a caesar, tricks you into thinking simultaneously it’s a party and celery.

i love the tables at easy. i love easy. i am habitual and predictable a little bit.

oh god i want a greyhound from easy i can’t wait.

i’m going to high tea at the windsor arms this week. i need something fancy. should i wear a hat? should i go jackie-o? it’s royal wedding-centric. must consult some genteel ladies of which i know none. ha.

will someone buy this green trench already i feel like i have been staring at it forever like everyday and it will be in my dream tonight.

love this stretch of queen before roncessvalles, kinda haight ashbury feeling.

it’s slanted and sloped and steeped and crooked and then gets all confusing with a hairpin bend to the left (talking to out of towners) then it rips way up roncess. i want to explore roncess more north sometime when i remember to. a good run i’ll scout out new places like that. there. settled.

the monster emerges out into the sun.

oh right this is why i was bloated i made expensive shakes with deliciously fresh and ripe cheese boutique fruits. i put some aside for a white wine batch too cos i am a nice little hostess enabler like that. jeanette made me an amazing shake today.

this was blend round two. i don’t normally have fruit, i think it bloats me up but i think everything does that so, what do you know.

and i’m supposed to be avoiding citrus which i imagine starfruit falls under so, oh well. i didn’t have a lot.

could be hotter but it’s very nice and still has a creeping heat a delicate one. it’s yummy i would love to have it with a wicked piece of meat fresh off the barbeque and i will eventually. damnit.

interesting stuff.

can you spot the nipple.

why am i wearing that like that? meh.

ok nighty night pigeons.

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5 thoughts on “not that it matters or that anyone cares

  1. Oh Raymi, you def need a hat for the tea time.
    I am being forced to watch this wedding with my mom and sister. I have been told they are BRINGING me a hat.

  2. holy shit melodie looks SO HOT dressed like that. i llllesbian-love her. you too obvs. see you tomo @ tea! xoxo

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