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monday monday can’t trust that day

hello my darling raymbots lets get ready to emote! i kid. or, not. i don’t really know anymore.

happy monday. jesus monday right? doesn’t feel like it as it’s a work day for meh. sorry, “work” day. if anyone has to wake up to do something on a statutory holiday that is equivalent to a work day by me. a true holiday is being horizontal watching B flicks, moaning and whining about having to work tomorrow.

my mom said she would give up drinking forever if she could look like this. aw. we had a nice chat on the phone yesterday (had one with my pa too). she saw a psychic. the psychic said she had a daughter and a son, the daughter is well known but the project she is currently working on will make her very famous. i’ll be married by 35 and have one kid. thanks psychic! now i can just focus on my career and let fate do the rest. awesome!

i cheated. just little nibbles. oh come on right?

such a nana cake.

en route to oshawa i obsessed over taking the perfect picture. the mirror is too close to my face for that as well my phone is on its last legs. all my technological devices are dying on me. something’s gotta give soon i can no longer work like this. i just have to give in and replace everything.

checked on my friend again. the gold base served as an effective box slopping to the side of interior barrier.

the vanilla shavings impressively lasted.

told you i would match the cake. my tits were out all through dinner unbeknownst to me but uncle rodge was def feeling it. that tracey shirt is too loose on my birdlike flat chested area despite my hot pink push up bra, it just spills open. enjoy the cleave while it’s there.

hi again.

part of these repetitive goony shots was due to my being pumped over bang growth i can now swoop those bastards to the side i think i am going to swoop to the opposite side of my forehead for a change.

it was delicious.

it competed with the key lime. the key lime won, i think they were being polite. maybe i wanted to take the rest with me? nope we left it. how did i do though? i know i pissed them off with my box of salad you cannot hide a cleanse or a diet thing. i sipped on white wine, wasn’t worth it but sobriety wasn’t an option. i think if they were more insane and yelly i would have loosened up more. it wasn’t the alcohol it was the stress maybe and tension surrounding the event. we had a spat the day before and it was like do i even go to this at all?

i was uncomfortable and felt like a bloated frump in my outfit the whole time i had no time to prepare one cos i had laundry to do my odds and ends scattered between mine and teacher’s has been driving me increasingly angry coinciding with this cleanse how odd. it was nice to go back to my normal relaxing ninja outfit. i am in between sizes right now, i think everyone knows what that’s like. it’s a good feeling but you still feel lumpy and out of shape.

my hair was just barely shorter than this last may. is it a platinum slow growth thing? i know it’s shorter in the back which will make it seem shorter in the front to match up with the shorter back. i had one of those severe modern fresh angled bobs when we cut all my beautiful hair off to make way for platinum only, last may and now it’s showing as my hair grows, being sure to take its sweet ass time.

stella enjoyed adventurehouse she’s all whaa? curtains and doors and long hallways and all these things to investigate. speaking of advhaus there’s another one of those parties at salvador darling this FRIDAY MAY 6 and it’s our fourth one guys! also the theme is melodie’s birthday. hurrah!

cute posters.

sorry mel just showed up so my brainpower is going over there oh she’s gone now.

there were more of these and better but it’s overkill. can’t wait to see what’s on my mystery olympus camera.

escaped to courtney’s to watch ab fab and talk about myself a lot and then i changed courtney’s entire night. she met a dude at coachella and is in love/lust. i was feelin’ that and got reminiscent.

the pink one is a piggy bank. siiiiiiiiiiigh :)

what a penis. see how low cut that is now picture it sitting down, even worse, and spilling out/open. fine for queen west not for easter dinner. you win some you lose some, i think i did a bit of both.

and now i have lunch with cleanse coach jeanette after i practice lying about (very minimally) cheating.

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  1. omg crushing so hard it hurts i want to eat her bunny and slam her yoga butt until i’m buried alive by the sexy but not before we eat some sushi together and sniff each other’s necks

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