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tonight’s forecast: high chance of sentimental teary speech

and a skinny red dress ok i know what i’m wearing. maybe i’ll buy some new socks where in parkdale can i do that?

or tights. anyway off to my first hangover drink of the day, not bad, laterish start. i think birthdays are people’s personal st. patrick’s day, and christmases. i tidied up the tickle trunk yesterday somehow magically while hosting courtney in my room my clothing pile was so huge when i started then it disappeared so when i go there later in a bit maybe i’ll try to lie down in my bed for once for a disco nap. i’m so not a napper though. i kind of want to buy little thank you trinkets for everybody tonight just try and stop me.

hope to see whoever is coming tonight we have two cakes. did i say that already? my colleague is being a pill and not sending me photos of them to pre-brag it’s my birthday dammit.

over and out. i’ll finish the rest of my eyes (makeup) later before dinner so if you see a person without facial features walking around telling flowers and hydrants it’s their birthday today, that would be me. i’m going to visit every shop i love and see what free shit i can get today. already have a pint and shot (i’ll skip the shot) and a snack on the house waiting for me, guess where. no don’t i am too stupid to hold a conversation with anything outside of a houseplant right now. talk to me after i swim around a frosty golden lap pool a few gulps. should i write for breweries?

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