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lets have the time of your life

ok here is what i got up to today this precious of days what will one day likely culminate into some kind of national holiday. what the hell is one supposed to do on their birthday anyway? what if every day it’s like your birthday already? extra greedy makes me feel extra crazy you know. i felt guilty all day though that might have been the hangover of feeling like i fell out of a plane this morning. i slept in til it felt right, late ten thirtyish.

looked a bit of a ghoul. i will perfect a method of face statue sleeping some day. once in a blue moon i awake with my makeup pristine still from the night before, one time recently at the motion room i was hungover like you would not believe and james was like, you look great minx. i couldn’t believe it. what luck. i hope that happens to me again tomorrow cos i have my friday work out in the morning. can you die on april fools day doing jumping jacks the day after your jinxed birthday of all birthdays where you will drink the bar? yes definitely probably likely because the headlines would just be too good to not die tomorrow. fool dies on april fools day not april fools day joke. ok no more death jokes. today at least.

ok from the top now. ahhh, remember back when i was twenty seven? ahh those were the days. like, two days ago.

and then my second last night of not being a geezer was spent in a most awesome way with 3/5 of the park dale boys club. i can’t do math nor can i keep track of who is in my stupid imaginary neighbourhood club, i think a couple boys have disbanded because i wouldn’t sleep with them.

pre-hair pre-nails pre-dranks (mid-way actually).

note how my hair tone kept all month long. stellar shit guy.

the outfit that almost happened.

anyone who can look this good from below you know is a ten. blue eyed silver fox met me here last month and was evidently threatened by brennen which is silly cos brennen is a kitty cat. he asked about him and i was like haha that guy is so nexted. hope he comes out tonight. ughhhh i just got cramps. let the bitchy begin.

hair cheater was beside me during all this soaking it all in.

look at my little head heehehehehhee. oh melodie is here reading a thank you card i made her.

i walked to shaw and called courtney. she was right beside me on the other side on queen i waved frantically all around me like your stupid mother and she just watched secretly. then we went on a bender and you know the rest.

teacher had a hamburger at the beac i had the carpaccio again. courtney had wine. we had eaten at beaver before and the service was bad and so was the food sorry but you dropped the ball. also the gladstone did too very uneager to sit and serve us. wednesday night i think all restos have their shit staff on shift. makes sense and therefore do not go out to dine on wednesday nights. courtney already had a fight with the drake on the internet so we couldn’t go there on principle. what got me is, no offense, but courtney is NOBODY haha, and they made amends with her. drake has given me a bit of badness before and i have received no love. my friend(s) work there too so like, what the dilly? anyway we went to the beac and i had salad number two. i think i have to start eating at home.

i was amazed at the disappearance of my clothing from my bed so i took this shitty picture.

same age almost same birth date girls on a tear.

skinny ankle twins.

rippin through these cinderella is going to be late for the ball.

ahh reborn. great pilsner. thanks jeremy.

alone in a cave. birthday cave. cavelor.

sabred champagne corks in that goblet.

with this. so camelot barbarian.

i think i kiss like i kill. or like i’d kill. hot right? watch out.

for britt.

for melucas.

ok RLW I out buh bye txt me if you wanna know where the party’s at.

thanks everyone for the birthday love, truly truly i am touched.

blushing blogger extraordinaire.

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