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With lovers and friends I still can recall some are dead and some are living In my life I’ve loved them all

yesterday was monday right? wow cool. ok so we went to milagro, originally i wanted to go to squirrley’s (how DO you spell that place’s fucking name???) cos i have to do my healthy salad eating tour of toronto right now (i have a circuit) and they have this huge seven grain salad that’s wicked healthy and delicious on their menu but then i caught milagro whispers (i want to say milagra’n) in the air and they succeeded, it’s near, it’s nicer lets do it.

how die antwood am i right now. my hair is doing three different things.

my secret vision was the lime as prop. i am sinister, machiavellian. how many times a week do i say machiavellian? not as much as i say the word animal in reference to myself.

we had the tequila trio, the second highest not the cheapest not best. pics of everything are on my camera and i am at the tower right now without my own laptop or camera cord. i am also using a mac. your hero is severely gifted you know that? using a mac as a pc user is like blogging through quicksand, what’s right click? mac is very arrogant in (every) terms of assuming the consumer just knows how to copy and paste. i used a mac at the women’s magazine i interned at as well as at vice, it just takes a week to get back into it however when you’re supremely stubborn like me and busy with the patience of a gnat, the learning curve window opening is just but a crack. as well, no mouse and a mac oh please forget about it we aren’t going anywhere for at least four hours while i get through my obsessive compulsive daily computer routines thanks to you and your mac (though i am grateful for the generosity thanks i swear heeheeh).

these were good. i asked for insane asylum habanero sauce of course. i was drunk immediately off the tequila, when your drinks come before your food, as they always do, and your diet for the day consisted of multiple coffees and teas, water, you’re in a for a gassing. that’s what abigail called being wasted, gassed. love and miss her, just texted her. she is awesome cos her haircut is a silver grey version of mine and she’s 25. well maybe now she is 26 hopefully. these are beef tenderloin i think.

track star nerd. i kind of look like a catch eh. lucas is going to have to fight this jersey back off me good luck budday. birthday week rules don’t break the law.

track and field from hell coach girl. zombo eyes. eastern euro cavernous world weary livin peepers. i think they call it being seasoned, or maybe, being born as a 70 year old euro alcy. but no seriously here i am without makeup on i am kind of ok looking and scary at the same time which equals hot like a weirdo they’d hire at american apparel.

you have no idea how much these appeal to me they were like lobster claws after awhile i ate them with my hands, so anchovy and i didn’t have to share cos teacher has a thing about seafood. i was just going to allow a new foot fetishist freak (yes another) take me to epic (royal york hotel) to have their caesar salad (i told you i have to do my salad circuit because i am excessive and i crave variety and if i am going to be good and eat salads they had better be delicious) for dinner sometime soon, but now that i know milagro has one just as good and cheaper, closer, i will be making plenty of salad pit stops here. i’ll still go to epic though with that freak. teacher is fine (doesn’t have a choice) with me dating. he said i am the hottest girl he’s had.

what can i say, i am in my prime. this is my last gasp GASP mid-late-twenties breakdown. wendy told me it gets better at 30 though so we’ll see. maybe i will have to put babies on hold til i’m 32 then. i don’t know if my energy levels could handle four more years of living like a high end headbanger. maybe if i ended up with a musician i could be a professional wife groupie ok i better be on my a-game tonight. look i found a russell banks book in the office library that i haven’t read yet wasn’t i just talking about him the other day here see how that happens?

melodie bought me this tea for my liver kidney functions and to help things happen, good things i guess i have all kinds of psychosomatic issues, real and imagined, stomach bloating for one and excessive urge to consume any and everything in sight.

my torso yesterday kinda juice-ay. my nana would say bonnie. i’d say playboy.

princess laundry never ends. i will get blog slave to finish folding it sometime this week. you hear me?

loved lovin this hoodie and all the wicked stupid musings i was making.

did i miss my model calling? don’t you have to be 14-20? does it matter? my legs are really gangly right now if you recall the photos of me on the fitness trapeze, those legs, this face i’m thinking 1-900 number commercials joookingk hilnur yo relax.

we watched that jake gyllylylynhal and anne hathaway movie and we drew a billion parallels betwixt it and ourselves then were like OK lets turn it off. she smokes weed like a fiend, is a mentalcase artist in an ecclectic messy apartment he is addicted to, she has commitment issues, amazing sex demon bitch yah uh too real.

everyone’s waving at you hi! i have an audition later on today i am not stressed about for once and then queens of the stoneage tonight. taking one of the parkdale boys club. it is going to be amazing. what should we wear?

here’s teacher’s shots of me.

here i am called cutie pie dream girl. is that good? i just made it up now. wow it’s like i’m self obsessed or something or just using what i’ve got to make it in this city GOD.

nakes face. fuck i belong on a spicy mediterranean beach.

i am driving the teacher mad. guys will put up with anything for a hot chick. i learned and witnessed this the other night i won’t say when but it was amusing and made me reconsider, well, everything.

the girl mantle is growing.

stomach blob here comes premenstrual birthday collision. thanks for that.

hey lets go for a run. catch me if you can mawfuh–er(s). no makeup no eyes, i am mesmerized by my face i paint it into a goth mask everyday so i seldom see it. this is what i look like. brilliant. a plus.

i told the story of nikola when i was an online maven. to be continued…

5 thoughts on “With lovers and friends I still can recall some are dead and some are living In my life I’ve loved them all

  1. Ugh. I have such a hatred for macs! Priceless comment from my tech nerd friend who works at apple yesterday: ” Macs are really great for graphics and animation ( 0.001% of purchasers) and the rest of the world ( douches on them for hours on end at Starbucks) use it for one thing: socializing.”

    Couldn’t agree with him more.

    And tech rant… done.

  2. You and “teacher” are pretty cute together! I’m not part of the 90210 gossip gang but if I was, that would be my two cents. “Did you see them together – her ponytail, his black framed glasses, how adorable! Swoon.”

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