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walk the river like a hunted animal

oh hey there library time already? doot dee doo.

got this off lucas cos i whined and said BIRTHDAY WEEK! so wearing it to queens of the stoneage tomorrow. i still haven’t decided on who my date is yet. if my brother pusses out (so will) then it’s operation find someone worthy. try outs starting now. vip all access drank tickets. you need to have wheels.

this is my rasta garth algar gwen stefani look now with a bit of run dmc.

i don’t have “my eyes on” yet so i’m going specs here.

lucas dust the medicine cabinet please. i’m making him clean the office beside my room for birthday week. melodie is like GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. don’t let us down dude.

yikes too much scary lips like orange county housewife beast.

i look like i’m gonna do some serious jumping jacks or bully the shit out of you like you totally deserve.

my hair is very big right now my room, humid and started to make it air dry in a crispy curly way. my hair totally is candy floss. what munchkin pie dreams are made of. darling sweetheart hair.

what am i doing here. what am i NOT doing here is the question.

i said an empowering thing at the dinner table yesterday, the guys were going gross talking about women sexually and there was myself, a twenty year old and a twenty five year old. i said sternly, and, by the way, women love it when you talk like that. my table date was like wow you snapped at me. i gulped down my wine, brave and brazenly snapped at him again. yeah. DEAL with it. i could tell that these chicks maybe never went toe to toe with the older dudes about that piggish kind of talk and didn’t realize that maybe they should care and take a stand? it was kind of a feministing no one asked for.

what is this girl trying to prove? who is she trying to fool? i just got a flashback of a photo of me at 21 somewhat like this, with black hair, standing outside the three judges RIP and smoking a cigarette. i’ll find it. a younger boy took it, he was an idealist. i tried to crush his dreams cos he was so naive. i wanted him to be set straight. he was moony for me. he was one of my jealousy traps. the first of.

you can see my lip hole divot. cute imperfection.

i look like a scary annoying bitch here.

Ok i’m starved it’s yum yum time.

HERE IS THE FACEBOOK EVENT for adventurehouse party this friday.

8 thoughts on “walk the river like a hunted animal

  1. I dig the outfit. I am pitching 3 TV show ideas for to a Canadian Production company this week. Determined to get up to Toronto for work for a few. The guys in your blog above seem crude and banal. I would love to be your dinner date…I need to make that happen.

    Keep posting your blogs so at least I have the pleasure of your pictures and words.

    until then…


  2. I dig that you took a stand with the guys’ piggish talk! I wanted to do that the other day with some guys in one of my classes, but backed down instead. Next time I’m doing it. I am going to try that birthday week thing too. Maybe I can get my boyfriend to clean our apartment for once.

  3. i love that shirt! i also love the graininess of the pics. they look very uncontrived, if that makes any sense. what kind of blackberry do you use?

  4. ok yes you have every right to write what you want, it is your personal blog, and if we don’t like it we don’t have to read it. and that’s what i’m going to choose do. i’ve been reading your writing for like 5 years now or longer, and lately the self obsession make me roll my eyes and almost gag. it unattractive. I almost had to laugh reading your post on that guy calling you self obsessed the other day, b/c after all these years, I’ve noticed it more than ever lately. good luck w/ your career, i really do mean that. I just can’t read anymore.

  5. why do people feel the need to declare they’re leaving when they’re done here, if you could bestow your half decade wisdom for a sec. you lasted as long as my longest relationship. bye!

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