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lets be tomboys together

aw nice i got the one birthday balloon.

sparkles everywhere perfect for the narnia ice queen that i am.

wonder where they all landed. ha.

hey it’s nuit blanche!

the kids are alright.

i lost my every accessory upon coming into the periphery of hailey and mary lynne. oh well. hailey even made off with my handmade sock slippers. i am a sucker. she does it to my mom all the time too.

my outfit was pretty ridiculous.

my old world map, from whence i came, rohan welshy.

my hair was also a disaster. i never learn. too short to crimp!

found a legally blond pink little blazer in my aunt’s goody bag of give-aways. her clogs too. pumped.

guess who’s getting minx nails this week.

oh you two.

dear aunt alison

subject: clogs

they fit perfect

i have a distinct memory of them from when i was four and i first put it together that you were a cool bohemian vibrant chick. they were in the tiny smart foyer of cedar grove and i was playing with the dollhouse or something on the floor. i think it’s great i now get to wear them.

you just aided me in the breaking of 1000 hearts this upcoming summer. i hope you are prepared to take on this guilt like a good comrade.

cant wait to dive through the rest.

duncs says hey,

love lauren.


They are the most comfortable things in the world, I swear. They’re Aldo, I just can’t get past them being white and they make me feel like I’m a little kid playing Nurse/dressup or something.
On you, well, you know.
The red beret was given to me by a genuine anarchist, she was one of a group of people who had been squatting in Europe in the early 80s, mainly Spain and Berlin, doing street theatre. They were roomies for a while in the warehouse on Front Street.

Have a great visit!
Cheers and love to you and yer Dad too!

7 thoughts on “lets be tomboys together

  1. totally because there’s nothing animals enjoy more than eating balloons over forest critters and berries. this is our planet and trashing it in honour of a great woman every so often, big whup. compared to other countries, we’re doin’ pretty good. rain on a parade while you’re at it, silent nerd in the room.

  2. Sundays loot for Hailey consisted of a diamond necklace, face cream, a box of junior mints,a lipstick
    the white gold ring she tried on I asked her if she would wait till shes 13.
    She was running around in your bright orange socks she scored.
    Now shes working on the rabbit vest but I’m first in line for that one.

  3. oh! i thought your hair looked nice. does your hair go wavy at all? if so try a diffuser on it. i would diffuse my hair but i’m too lazy most of the time.

  4. Love that photo of all the balloons and the snowflakes mixed together, nicely done.
    That pink jacket had your name on it too. It originally came from the ritziest store in Halifax, sort of like Holt Renfrew only about 100 years older.
    Now you get to be the cool chick and I get to be an old hen ;p

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